PMG Listserv

Specialty groups maintain listservs, which are valuable forums where colleagues with similar interests and experience can share and exchange ideas and practical information, facilitate open discussion, disseminate group-related news, questions, job postings, announcements, comments of interest, and general information. Listservs are closed lists. Subscription to them is benefit of membership in the specialty group. All new members of the group are automatically subscribed to the list. To unsubscribe, contact the listserv moderator. All messages are archived and are searchable.


As an AIC member, you can use the Memberfuse Online Community to network with your colleagues. There are discussion forums, a resource library, and more for both interest groups and specialty groups, including a forum for annual meeting registrants. You can also connect with other members you know, and search for new contacts by shared interests.

Grants & Stipends

The Photographic Materials Group offers small grants to encourage scholarship, research, exchange, and publication within the field and related communities. Projects demonstrating immediate dissemination through publication, workshops, and/or public lectures will be given priority. Proposed projects may include a research project or segment thereof, preparation of a manuscript for publication, or organization and implementation of a workshop. Proposals for other projects will be considered if appropriate to the general funding goals. There are 2 rounds of applications per year.  Applications for grants should be submitted to the PMG Chairperson, care of AIC, on or before March 15th and October 15th of each year.

PMG Professional Development Stipend

FAIC/Mellon Photograph Workshop Scholarship
Here are also a list of other FAIC grants that you might want to apply for: