How to Use the Website

How do I login to the website?

In order to use our website effectively and gain the most from your member benefits, you must log in. To access member-restricted website pages, such as the link to free JAIC content, ensure you are logged in. Your original login information is:

Username/Email: your primary email address
Password: <encypted> (if you need to reset it, click here. It may take a few minutes to take effect.)

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password to something unique to you. You will find the login link in the upper right-hand corner of the website by the "view cart" icon.

How do I edit my Member Profile?

Once you have logged in, visit your Member Profile. Once there, click on [Edit/View Information], which will allow you to make changes to most of your information. Changes to your profile, and in the member directory, will appear the same day. Your Find a Conservator profile will update the next day. 
Why can't I make changes to my work address? It is grayed out.
This means that you have been linked to an institutional account, which autofills with the institution’s information. To change this, contact us at with the correct address, or to remove the link.
Which address will you send mail to?
In [Edit/View Information], you will find four address blocks: Work, Home, Billing, and Other. You can use a check box next to one of the address blocks to indicate "primary." All AIC mailings will go to the address you select as primary.
What address will appear in the online member directory or Find a Conservator?
Selecting the “Show in Directory” box below any of the address blocks will display that information in the online membership directory. For members with Peer-Reviewed Designation, the “Other” address is the one that will appear in Find a Conservator, regardless of what is selected as the primary address or to be shown in the directory. If the “Other” address field is left blank, you will not show up in Find a Conservator.

How do I link my social media accounts to my profile?

In your profile, click on [Social Information]. To create a link to your social network, you only have to enter the username for the account. Once you have entered your social media credentials, click on the "Update Social Information" button at the bottom of the page. You cannot just enter a URL. You will need to enter a public username for each account. To learn how to create one for each of your accounts, you can the watch videos on this page.

How do I edit my Find a Conservator Listing?

Only Professional Associate and Fellow members are listed in Find a Conservator. To manage your listing, go into My Profile, and click on [Edit Information]. Scroll down to the Find a Conservator section to see the fields that you can edit.

How do I remove myself from the listing?

In the Find a Conservator section of your profile, there is a checkbox titled Remove from Listing. If you check that box, you will be removed from Find a Conservator.

Willing to Travel
We realize that for some uses of our Find a Conservator tool, such as in searches for conservators for archaeological digs or mural conservation, searching by zip code may not be ideal. To address that need, we added a "Willing to Travel" field. The person performing the search can check that box, and then any conservator who matches the search criteria will show up in the results. Please note: those in the geographical area of the search will be listed first. This feature will also help those looking for a conservator in remote areas, because they will see more results. Checking that box does not mean you are obligated to travel to the object. It only means that you would be willing to discuss the possibility with potential clients.

How do I renew my membership?

For current members of AIC, a renewal order most likely has already been created for you. Under My Membership, you should see a dues order and a Pay Open Order button. Click on that button, and you will be taken to a page where you can enter your credit card information. If you have already renewed your membership, we have closed out your open order. You will NOT see the Pay Open Order button in your My Membership area, and you will see that your membership expiration date is for the correct year. 

How do I drop a specialty group?

You can renew your full order (Primary membership + Specialty Groups) or add a Specialty Group via the Pay Open Order button. However, if you want to remove a specialty group from your membership, AIC staff members need to make that change. Please call us at 202-452-9545. *Please do not purchase new memberships through the store. It will create a duplicate order!

How do I use the Member Directory?

You can view the online member directory by first going to Membership, Current Members, and then Directory, or visit the Member Center (purple button on the left) to find the link. The directory is the first link under Member Only Content. Only current AIC members can view this directory. It is not open to the public.

How do I remove myself from the online directory?

If you don't wish to appear in the Member Directory, you can remove yourself by going to My Profile and clicking on [Edit Information]. Check the "Do Not Publish Info Online" box at the top of the page.

How do I use the social community, aka Memberfuse?

To facilitate networking within the organization, our new database has a built-in social community called Memberfuse. In this section you are able to:

  • Add contacts (connections) with other AIC members
  • Participate in discussion forums - including the member-wide discussion forum
  • View members with similar interests
  • Engage in discussion and access content available only to your specialty group  

You can view your profile in Memberfuse by navigating to Membership / Current Members / Memberfuse OR visiting the Member Center and clicking on My Profile. You may click on "Edit your Settings" in the upper left corner to change how your information is shared. The current default settings are that all address information is hidden, and all other information is shared only with AIC members. Going forward you have four privacy settings options:

  • Hidden - no one can view your profile
  • Contacts - only your contacts can view your profile
  • Community - viewable by AIC members only
  • Public - viewable by all. We discourage anyone from selecting Public as there is no way for nonmembers to interact with you!