Fellow Election

Attain the highest level of membership in AIC

Any Professional Associate who may be considered able through training, knowledge, or professional experience, to further the work of conservation in accordance with AIC's mission, and who shall have shown a commitment to these purposes shall be eligible for election as a Fellow.

  • Fellows have demonstrated adherence to the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.
  • Fellows are entitled to vote on the following:
    1.  Election of Officers, Directors, and members of the Nominating Committee;
    2.  Amendments to the Bylaws (in accordance with section VI of the Bylaws);
    3.  And other issues on which a vote is requested by the Board of Directors
  • Subject to certain terms and conditions of use, Fellows in good standing may use the title “AIC Fellow” and any AIC marks associated therewith in advertising or in representing themselves to the public as professional conservation practitioners.
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January 1
July 1
October 1

Application Fee: $25

Who can be elected a Fellow?

A candidate for fellow election must:

  • have two (2) years prior membership with Professional Associate designation.
  • have a minimum of ten years of experience after conservation training or part-time experience which equals ten (10) years of full-time experience. Such experience should have enabled an individual to develop considerable professional skills and judgment with demonstrable achievement in such areas as conservation treatment practice, scholarly research, education, scientific investigation, and preservation management. Post-graduate fellowships or internships may be included in the required 10 years of experience.
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How do I become an elected Fellow?

Nomination Review Process

After you finalized and submit your nomination, we will forward it to the chair and all members of the Membership Committee for their review. The entire committee then meets at the end of the month of the deadline cycle to discuss applications. If an applicant Fellow meets the qualifications, AIC will notifyall Fellows of its intent to elect a Fellow and shall allow thirty days for comment thereon by any Fellow. Upon the expiration of such thirty days and after consideration of any such comments, the Membership Committee may declare the applicant elected to Fellowship and notify applicant Fellows regarding their membership status.

Nomination Deadlines: January 1, July 1, and October 1.

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Note to the Public

Professional Marks

AIC's peer-reviewed members may use the following logos, or marks, to share their status.

AIC Professional Associate
While most PA and Fellow members are listed in our Find A Conservator tool, some choose not to be listed publicly. These marks, associated with a member's name, show their designation within the association. Contact us to confirm membership status as well.

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