Honorary Membership


Honorary Members are elected by the Board of Directors in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the field of conservation.

How to Nominate

The Nominator and Sponsors each write letters and email them to us, outlining why you think the nominee deserves this award. Nominations must be received by December 15, and should be sent to awards@conservation-us.org.

Past Recipients:

2017: Stephen Koob, Terry Drayman-Weisser
2016: Dr. Eric Pourchot and Dr. H.F. (Gus) Shurvell    
2015: Gloria Fraser Giffords; 
   Catherine Metzger
2014: Walter Henry
2013: Jean Portell          
2012: Kathryn A. Makos         
2011: Perry Huston
2010: Mary Wood Lee 
2009: Ross Merrill*
  Virginia Greene
   Jose Orraca* 
2008: Arthur Beale
   Robert Brill
2007: Roy Perkinson
  Susanne Sack
2006: Marjorie Cohn
  Konstanze Bachmann
2005: Mary Todd Glaser          
  Don Etherington
2004: Jacqueline Olin
2003: Nobuko Kajitani
  Marigene Butler
2002: Donald Sebera
  Monona Rossol
2001: W. Thomas Chase
2000: Heather Lechtman
1999: Kathryn Scott*
1989: Marilyn Kemp Weidner
1997: Nathan Stolow*
  Ellen McCrady*
1996: Mary-Lou E. Florian
1993: Walter McCrone*
1992: Bernard Rabin*
  Elisabeth FitzHugh
  Paul N. Banks*
1991: Gustav Berger*
1990: Paul N. Perrot
1988: Walter T. Angst*
1987: Lawrence Majewski*
  Anne F. Clapp*
1985: Louis Pomerantz*
1982: Carolyn Horton*
   Robert Feller
1977: Elisabeth Packard*
  Richard D. Buck*
1976: Sheldon Keck*
  Caroline K. Keck*
1975: George Stout*
1974: Rutherford J. Gettens*


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