Robert L. Feller Lifetime Achievement Award

For exceptional contributions to the conservation profession over the course
of one’s career.


  1. Distinguished service to the field of conservation over the course of one’s professional career
  2. Exceptional contributions with significant impact to the functioning or advancement of the conservation profession
  3. Outstanding and sustained dedication to the field in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the profession
  4. Distinction as an eminent authority in some aspect of conservation practice, scholarship, research, education, or management of nationally recognized initiatives.
  5. Candidates must be an AIC Fellow or Professional Associate.


A nomination should describe conservation and preservation activities that demonstrate the cadidate’s lifetime of contributions to the advancement of the conservation. Visual documentation (photos, slides, etc.) is also encouraged. Describing how the candidate has broadened its community’s understanding of the goals of conservation can strengthen an application. Candidates may act as their own nominators but additional letters of support are welcomed. The award will be presented at the AIC Annual Meeting to an AIC member for a lifetime of exceptional contributions to the advancement of the conservation profession. When merited, more than one award can be given in the same year.

Past Recipients

2018: Alan Phenix, Bruno Pouliot*     
2017: Margaret Loew Craft
2016: Dr. James Druzik
2015: Terry Drayman-Weisser
2012: Dan Kushel
2011: Dr. Robert L. Feller*

* Deceased

About Dr. Robert L. Feller (1919-2018)

The recipient of the 2011 Robert L. Feller
Award was Dr. Robert Feller.

Named in honor of one of conservation’s most influential scientists, Dr. Robert Feller, founder and Emeritus Director of the Research Center on the Materials of the Artist and Conservator at Carnegie Mellon University, and Honorary Member of the American Institute for Conservation, this award has been established to recognize exceptional contributions to the conservation profession over the course of one’s career. 

The award was created in 2011. The first award was presented to Dr. Robert Feller at the AIC's 39th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in honor of his extraordinary contributions to the field of conservation.

Obituary | Remarks by Dr. Paul Whitmore

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