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Continued Education & Professional Development

Ongoing development and advancement in each conservation specialty make it necessary for practicing conservators to keep abreast of advances in technology and methodology. Knowledge and skills are expanded through reading publications, attending professional meetings, enrolling in short-term workshops or courses, and other forms of active engagement. Each conservator is responsible for taking advantage of ongoing learning opportunities.

Many continuing education opportunities are composed of short-term training events designed for professional conservators. These opportunities are generally focused on a specific topic or technique. The format for this type of training may be a workshop, conference, or online course.
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Find an Opportunity

FAIC offers many professional development opportunities throughout the year. Workshops and training sessions are often organized in conjunction with conferences sponsored by international, national, and/or regional conservation associations. For example, AIC holds an Annual Meeting that contains a mix of conservation programming that includes tours, workshops, technical papers, and opportunities to connect with colleagues and specialists. Courses, conferences, and seminars are generally listed/posted on Conservation OnLine (CoOL), the Conservation DistList, in the AIC Newsletter (online version), and on the websites of allied professional associations.

What's Next?

AIC also welcomes member engagement and participation through serving on committees, becoming a mentor, contributing to the wiki, disseminating knowledge and research, and other outreach efforts. Here are some links to related resources:

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