Rules of Order

I. Name: American Institute for Conservation Textile Specialty Group

II. Purpose: The general purpose is to further the purposes set for in the By-Laws of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). The AIC Textile Specialty Group is a subsidiary of AIC, and is therefore bound by its Constitution, By-Laws and such resolutions as shall by approved by that body. The specific purposes of the Textile Specialty Group (TSG) are to:

A. Provide a national organization through which person with a specific interest in conservation of historic and artistic textiles can communicate and exchange information through:

1. Presentation of papers; reports of local, regional or international textile meetings or events; and discussion of topics of interest at the TSG session at the Annual AIC Meetings.

2. Submission of information of interest to textile conservators to the AIC Newsletter for publication.

B. Disseminate information that will advance the knowledge of all facets of textile conservation through:

1. Establishment  of committees to assemble information for presentation to the TSG membership.

2. Direct Distribution of information generated by committees and TSG members when appropriate.

C. Assess necessary dues from the TSG members to carry out the above.

II. Membership: Membership will be open to any person who is a member in good standing of the AIC and who has in addition notified the TSG of their interest and paid TSG dues. TSG members who had fulfilled the above shall be entitled to 1) hold the position of any elected office or standing committee chair, as well as vote on issues brought before the TSG and 2 ) received all materials distributed by the TSG.

Dues: Dues will be determined by a majority vote of the TSG members at the TSG meeting held during the Annual AIC Meeting.

IV. Board of Directors, Officers and Committees: The governing body of the TSG shall be the Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of all elected officers and the standing committee chairpersons.

Officers: The officers of the TSG shall be the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Terms of office for the Chair and Vice-Chair will be on year. The Vice-Chair is elected each year and assumes the Chair position the following year. Terms of office for the Secretary and Treasurer shall be two years in their specific post. The office of Secretary and Treasurer will not come up for election in the same year. No officer can serve for more than two consecutive terms without a one-term break. All officers shall have dues as customarily pertain to their offices and as follows:

A. Chair: The Chair shall be responsible to the TSG for general administration and supervision of all activities. S/he shall chair the TSG business meeting held during the Annual AIC Meeting. S/he shall have the authority to appoint officers and standing committee chairperson whose position has been vacated by resignation or death until the next TSG meeting. The Chair shall serve as official representative to the AIC on matters pertaining to TSG activities

B. Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair shall succeed the Chair in the following term to become Chair. While Vice-Chair, s/he shall serve as the Program Chair for the TSG annual meeting, coordinate all standing committees and assist the Chair as needed.

C. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the records, minutes of the TSG meeting, lists of TSG membership, announcements and other duties as assigned from time to time by the Chair.

D. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for financial records, accounts, approval of and arrangement for disbursement of dues and monies through the AIC office.

Election of Officers: A nominating committee of three members shall be elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The nominating committee will call for nominations from the TSG membership in the AIC Newsletter, name one or more candidates for each elective office, verify TSG membership and confirm prior to the election each candidate’s willingness to serve if elected. The slate of candidates will be published in the AIC Newsletter and also on the Textile Specialty Group website and posted by email to the membership. All names for all offices shall appear on the ballot. Election will take place by electronic ballot and mail ballot for those without internet access. The new officers will be elected by a simple majority.

Committees: Committees shall be formed as a result of a petition to the TSG Board of Directors by the TSG membership or in an emergency by the elected officers. The Board will initiate the motion for formation of a said committee at the TSG meeting held during the Annual AIC Meeting and will select all chairpersons. The committee chairperson must be a TSG member. The committee chairperson may select committee members. Members of committees do not have to be TSG members and can be selected from the general AIC membership or other fields at the discretion of the committee chairperson.

The standing committees when formed shall serve until completion of their assignment but not to exceed two years without review or reaffirmations by the TSG members at the TSG meeting during the Annual AIC Meeting.

V. Meetings: A TSG meeting will be held each year at the Annual AIC Meeting during the time assigned for the Specialty Group sessions. The TSG meeting will include a Business Meeting with committee reports and presentations and reports of interest to the TSG members. The Board of Directors shall meet at a mutually agreed upon time during the Annual AIC Meeting. Notification of the TSG meeting will be made to the members through the AIC Newsletter and/or other standard AIC mailings.

VI. Amendments: These rules of order may be amended; added to or repealed by a simple majority at the TSG meeting held during the Annual AIC Meeting. Notice of such amendments shall be submitted for review to the AIC Board prior to a vote by TSG membership and must be furnished to the TSG membership prior to the meeting. Upon ratification of such amendments by the membership, the Rules of Order thus amended shall be submitted by the Secretary to Board of the AIC.

VII. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the AIC Textile Specialty Group shall coincide with the fiscal year of the AIC.

Last approved changes, June 2004

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