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AIC News, March 2018

Photographic Materials Group (PMG)

2018 AIC Annual Meeting

A tips session has been added to the PMG schedule on Saturday afternoon. Some of these short presentations on treatment, housing, research, and artists’ materials seek your input on puzzling observations. For registration and complete annual meeting information including workshops, tours, lodging, etc., please visit: We look forward to seeing many of you in Houston!

PMG Leadership: Elections

The two-year term of PMG’s Secretary/Treasurer will end at the annual meeting and the Nominating Committee has been hard at work recruiting an excellent candidate. Later in March, watch your email for a ballot coming from AIC and please vote. The results of the election will be announced at the PMG business meeting in Houston.

PMG Professional Development Stipend

The next application deadline for the PMG Professional Development Stipend is March 15, 2018. Guidelines and application forms can be found by following this link

Publications: Platinum and Palladium Photographs

Copies of Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation (editor Connie McCabe) are being shipped as new orders are received. Proceeds from the book will support future programing and the fiscal health of PMG, in general.  Please help promote this invaluable resource within your immediate community and suggest marketing opportunities and possible reviewers to the PMG Officers.

AIC News Lead Article

PMG will be authoring the lead article of the November issue of AIC News this year. This is a chance to present an aspect of our work that would be edifying for all AIC members. Our most recent topics were face mounting (2002), what is photograph conservation (2004), cold storage (2008), and cellulose acetate film (2015). Feel free to contact the PMG Officers to suggest topics and/or authors.

Analog Sample Set

Since the last Analog Sample Set update of September 2017, the creation of the 300 sets has been continuing apace. To date, all but one of the selected processes and related precursors have been created for a total of 17 samples.

The committee would like to thank Doug and Toddy Munson for overseeing this project and making the albumen prints. Thanks also to Ned Gray, Frank Green, and Oleg Baburin for sharing their expertise and excitement for this project. We are grateful to the many donors who have contributed generously to this initiative.

The committee only needs funding for one final process: the dye transfer samples. These will cost $70,000. We are open to any funding leads! Please contact the Analog Sample Set Committee with your suggestions large and small: Debbie Norris (, Luisa Casella (, Nora Kennedy (, and Sarah Freeman (

FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation

FAIC’s committee for Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation has been working on the following:

  • Additional sections for the “Photographic Chemistry” webseriesthat feature lectures by Dr. Scott Williams are in development.
  • “Compensation for loss in the conservation of photographic materials” will be hosted by the George Eastman Museum on April 23-27, 2018.
  • “Characterization of photographic materials” is under development; it will be organized by Paul Messier and Krista Lough, and hosted by the Lens Media Lab in Yale in the fall of 2019.
  • The committee has started to outline a workshop for 2020 in collaboration with Jae Gutierrez and the Image Permanence Institute (IPI).

−Barbara Lemmen, PMG