Rules of Order


The purposes of the Painting Specialty Group (PSG) are to improve knowledge of all subjects related to the conservation of paintings, to promote proficiency and skill in the practice of painting conservation, and to disseminate technical and professional information related thereto. The PSG is a division of the AIC, and is therefore bound by the Bylaws of AIC and the policies set by the Board of Directors. These Rules of Order, and any changes therein, shall require the written approval from the Board of the AIC before becoming effective.


Membership shall be open to any AIC member in good standing. Members who have paid their annual PSG membership dues shall have the right to vote on all issues that come before the group.


The Officers of the PSG shall consist of a Chair, Program Chair, Assistant Program Chair, Publications Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer, elected from the current membership. All members are eligible for office. The terms of office will be two years each for the Chair, Publications Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Assistant Program Chair shall be elected every year to serve a two year term, becoming the Program Chair during their second year in office. Officers cannot serve two consecutive terms in the same position, although the Publications Chair can be reelected for consecutive terms. In the event of a resignation, the Nominating Committee will appoint a new officer from the PSG membership to fill out the remainder of the term. PSG will pay for registration to the annual meeting for the PSG Officers if they do not have another source of funding.

The Chair is responsible for overseeing all PSG activities; delegates tasks and special projects to other officers or members as necessary; prepares a bimonthly PSG column for AIC News to keep the membership informed on current issues; chairs the annual PSG business meeting; maintains contact with the AIC Board through the Director, Specialty Groups; and represents the PSG at AIC meetings and at Internal Advisory Group meetings. The Chair is required to attend the AIC annual meeting and the mid winter meeting of the Internal Advisory Group in Washington, DC. The Chair serves as a member of the PSG Nominating Committee for two years following their last year in office.

The Program Chair, with the assistance of the Assistant Program Chair, is responsible for developing the annual meeting program. This includes preparing a call for papers to be published in AIC News and other appropriate forums; developing occasional thematic programs; identifying speakers; preparing audio visual requests for speakers and forwarding these to AIC staff; keeping the Chair and AIC - staff abreast of program development; and managing the program on site. The Program Chair is required to attend the AIC annual meeting. The Program Chair reports to the Chair.

The Assistant Program Chair is responsible for assisting the Program Chair in developing the annual meeting program. The Assistant Program Chair undertakes a share of the duties listed above, as directed or delegated by the Program Chair. During the second year of their two-year term, the Assistant Program Chair will become the Program Chair. The Assistant Program Chair is required to attend the AIC annual meeting. The Assistant Program Chair reports to the Program Chair.

The Publications Chair is responsible for preparing the PSG Post Prints for each meeting and disseminating them to the membership in a timely fashion. This includes gathering the papers from the previous meeting's speakers; organizing them and preparing a table of contents; and arranging for the printing and mailing of the Post Prints to the membership. The Publications Chair reports to the Chair.

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a written record of the annual business meeting and the activities of the PSG; for monitoring the PSG budget and informing the AIC Treasurer of his/her approval of the disbursement of PSG funds; and for presenting the minutes and a brief overview of PSG finances at the annual business meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer is required to attend the AIC annual meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer reports to the Chair.


The PSG shall have one business meeting annually in which the business of the group is conducted, to coincide with the place and time of the Annual Meeting of the AIC.


A Nominating Committee will be composed of three members: the outgoing Chair of PSG and two additional PSG members elected by a simple majority vote of PSG members. Nominating Committee members will serve two-year terms. The two elected members will serve staggered terms and become Chair of the committee during their second year. The outgoing Chair of PSG will not serve as Chair of the committee.

The Nominating Committee will be responsible for submitting a slate of candidates to the membership. A call for nominations for officers from the PSG membership will be announced in AIC News and other appropriate forums in the months preceding the election. Members are welcome and encouraged to nominate themselves. The election of officers will be held electronically. The voting will close at least two weeks prior to the start of the AIC annual meeting, with voting open for a minimum of two weeks. Incoming officers will take office at the close of the AIC annual meeting.


These Rules of Order may be amended, added to or repealed by a vote of two thirds of the members present in person at the annual business meeting. Upon ratification of such amendments by the membership, the Rules of Order thus amended shall be submitted by the Chair to the Board of the AIC for approval.

Last revised May 13, 2011

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