Archaeological Discussion Group

The Archaeological Discussion Group was formed in 1999 following discussions at the AIC Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA (1998). Emily Williams, Melba Myers and Betty Seifert invited all conservators listing archaeological objects as an area of specialization to meet and discuss the feasibility of setting up a forum for archaeological conservators within the AIC. Emily Williams served as chair of the ADG from 1999 to 2009. Susanne Grieve and Claudia Chemello served as the co-chairs of the ADG from 2009 to 2014. LeeAnn Barnes Gordon served as chair from 2014-2016.

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The Archaeological Discussion Group is devoted to safeguarding world archaeological heritage and the evidence it preserves of our human past. Our mission is to promote communication between conservators and allied professionals and to represent the interests of the archaeological conservation profession.


  • Advocate for professional ethics, practices, and standards in the conservation of archaeological materials and sites.
  • Promote communication between archaeological conservators within AIC.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary relationships and communication between the AIC and the archaeological profession.
  • Provide an archaeological perspective toward AIC objectives.

Short-term Objectives

  • Organize and connect archaeological conservators within AIC using AIC’s MemberFuse platform, listservs, and other tools. 
  • Form and engage working groups to focus on goals and activities. 
  • Increase exposure through strengthening the group’s presence on the AIC website, blog, Facebook, and archaeological listservs.
  • Improve the AIC Find-a-Conservator feature to better serve archaeologists in need of conservators.
  • Develop professional development opportunities such as workshops or courses for 2015-16.
  • Develop web resources for archaeological conservators including the Archaeological Conservation pages on the AIC Wiki.

Long-term Objectives 

  • Develop guidelines regarding the ethics and practice of archaeological conservation.
  • Continue to facilitate professional connections between archaeological conservators and Archaeological projects, as well as outreach to the archaeological community.
  • Consider developing a program for the 2016 AIC Meeting or a stand-alone conference.
  • Consider organizing a focus group that will identify some of the most pressing problems in conserving archaeological materials and sites today. 


The Co-chairs of the Archaeological Discussion Group are Molly Gleeson and Francis Lukezic. To view their contact information, search for them in the online member directory.

2014 Archaeological Discussion Group Survey

In the spring of 2014, a survey was sent to AIC members in an effort to gather feedback about the mission, interests, and composition of the ADG. The comments were used to inform the current mission, goals, and objectives of the group. 

Business Meetings

The ADG holds a Business Meeting at the AIC Annual Meeting to discuss the progress of the group’s activities and to plan future projects. This meeting is open to all Annual Meeting attendees. The time and location of the meeting can be found in the Annual Meeting program.

Join the Discussion

Participation in the ADG is open to all AIC members with an interest in archaeological conservation. Please contact the ADG Chair to be added to the members on the group’s email list, which is used primarily for ADG-specific announcements. The group does not currently have a unique AIC listserv, and therefore general discussions regarding archaeological conservation should be posted to the OSG listserv and to those of other AIC Specialty Groups as appropriate.

AIC Blog

ADG solicits and encourages posts on the topic of archaeological conservation for the AIC Blog. Related posts can be found in the “Search by Category” menu under “Topics: Archaeological Conservation,” or by searching the following Tags: archaeological conservation, archaeology, ADG, and outreach.


ADG maintains a Public Group page on Facebook called the “AIC Archaeology Discussion Group” where general news and updates about archaeological conservation can be posted and viewed. Membership in the Facebook page is open to all.

Conferences and Workshops

AIC Annual Meetings

The Archaeological Discussion Group has had a presence at AIC Annual Meetings since 1998. In addition to the group’s Business Meetings, its members have organized previous events including:

  • A pre-session on archaeological conservation at the AIC Annual Meeting in 1999 - From Here to Eternity: Collaborative Case Studies in American Archaeology and Conservation
  • A joint session with the OSG at the AIC Annual Meeting in Richmond, Virginia in 2007
  • A joint session with the OSG at the AIC Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2011

Archaeological Conservation: Current Trends and Future Directions

A major international conference on archaeological conservation held at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, in 2005. Proceedings:
Williams, E. and C. Peachey, eds. 2010. The Conservation of Archaeological Materials: Current Trends and Future Directions. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, International Series 2116.