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Health & Safety

Guides Published in AIC News

Beginning in 1998, the Health & Safety Committee has prepared or commissioned special pull-out sections for AIC News. The committee strives to release a new guide annually.

To access electronic versions of the following guides, visit the Committee's wiki

Title of Guide
Revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Improves
Chemical Label Information--Changes You Need to Know
March 2014
Heavy Metals, their Salts, and other Compounds
with Chart of Heavy Metals, Their Salts, and Other Compounds
November 2008          
Health & Safety in Emergency Response November 2007
Fall Protection; Working Safely at Heights
November 2006
A Conservator's Guide to Labeling Hazardous Chemicals
September 2005
Health and Safety Technical Resources on Pesticides for the Conservator     
September 2004
Air Monitoring Guide November 2003
A Conservator's Guide to Respiratory Protection
September 2002
From Cradle to Grave: Waste Management for Conservators
November 2001
Set Up for a Safe Space: A Chemical Hygiene Plan
July 2000
Biological Monitoring in the Workplace
November 1999
Health and Safety Technical Resources for the Conservator
July 1998

Articles Published in AIC News

To access electronic versions of the following articles, visit AIC News or the Committee's wiki

Name of Article Issue Author(s)
Stand Up and Stretch!
May 2014    
(39:3) 18-19    
Anne Kingery-Schwartz,
Erin Jue and
Joanne Klaar Walker
NEW OSHA Web Tools for Identifying Safer
Chemical Alternatives
January 2014
(39:1) 12
Kathryn Makos
Be aware: Chemical Classification Changes
on Safety Data Sheets During the Move to the
Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
November 2013
(38:6) 12-13
Kathryn Makos
The AIC Health and Safety Committee in the
International Arena
September 2013
(38:5) 1, 3-5      
Joanne Klaar Walker, Kathyrn Makos
and James Roy Smith
Choosing Gloves: A Quick Reference Guide
July 2013
(38:4) 14-17
Kerith Koss Schrager
and Erin Jue

Some Chemical Things Considered: Glycol
Ethers and Glymes: Making Sense of Confusing
May 2013
(38:3) 8-10
Lisa Nelson
Tin-Mercury Amalgam Mirrors
January 2013 (38:1) 12-15
Kerith Koss Schrager
Ergonomics: A Quick Note
November 2012 (37:6) 10
Erin Jue
Reproducing Conservators: Health and Safety for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Beyond
September 2012 (37:5) 1, 3-7

Joanne Klaar Walker,
Corey Smith Riley, and
Rachel Perkins Arenstein
Not Your Mother's MSDS
July 2012
(37:4) 19-21
Dawn-Bolstad Johnson
and Joanne Klaar Walker.
Reprinted in part from 

Rare but There
March 2012
(37:2) 13
Cheryl Podsiki

NIOSH Sets Exposure Limits for
Nano-Titanium Dioxide
September 2011 (36:5) 14-16
Reprinted in part from
Mobile Applications for the Health and
Safety of the Conservation Lab
July 2011
(36:4) 18
Corey Smith and Jane Klinger
Health Hazards for the Recovery of Cultural
Property Affected by Oil Spills
May 2011
(36:3) 11-14
Health and Safety Committee
New Safety Eyewear Standard: Confusion
Over at Last
January 2011 (36:1) 5
Reprinted in part from
The Hidden Hazards of Fire Soot
September 2010 (35:5) 1, 3-5
Dawn Bolstad-Johnson 
Lead Levels in Bone Confirmed as
Mortality Predictor
March 2010
(35:2) 12
Reprinted in part from
OSHA Updates Standards for
Personal Protection
January 2010 (35:1) 14-15
Reprinted in part from
Risk Assessment
September 2009 (34:5) 1, 8-10
Dennis Ertel 
Prepare Your Lab for a Chemical Spill
July 2009
(34:4) 16
Megan McFarlane
Some Chemical Things Considered:
March 2009
(34:2) 14-16
Health and Safety Committee
Fundamentals of Health and Safety:
A New Approach
September 2008 (33:5) 1
Dennis Ertel
Some Chemical Things Considered:
Bisphenol A 
July 2008
(33:4) 11-12, 14-15
Marilen Pool
Respirator Fit Testing
March 2008 (33:2) 16-17
Health and Safety Committee 
High Altitude Tips for the Denver Meeting! 
January 2008
(33:1) 10-11
From www.denver.org and Health and Safety Committee
Dress for Disasters
September 2007 (32:5) 15 
Dennis Ertel
Spray Paint Study: Major Exposure by
Skin Absorption

Reprinted in part, with permission  from ACTS FACTS, 
June 2007, vol 21 no 1 
Some Chemical Things Considered:
July 2007 (32:4) 12, 14
Marilen Pool
California Proposes New Regulations
Impacting Conservation X-Radiography
July 2007
(32:4) 11-12
Terry Schaeffer
Your Workstation: is it Working for You?
May 2007
(32:3) 16-17
Catherine Coueignoux
Check Your First Aid Supplies
March 2007
(32:2) 16-17
Working at Heights
September 2006
(31:5) 1, 7–8
Evan Kopelson
Survey of Past Participants in the AIC
Respirator Fit Testing Workshop
May 2006
(31:3) 14
Health and Safety Committee
All Ears: The Importance of Noise Protection
March 2006
(31:2) 17–18
Catherine Coueignoux-London
Some Chemical Things Considered:
January 2006 (31:1) 16–17 
Marilen Pool
Hazardous Holdings: AIC Archives
Discussion Group, June 12, 2005 
September 2005
(30:5) 1, 11–13
Health and Safety Committee
Does a Woman's Solvent Exposure
Affect her Offspring? Summary of a Recent Study 
May 2005 (30:3) 18–19
Dennis Ertel
Mold: Evaluation of Risk and Decontamination 
September 2004
(29:5) 1, 3–4, 7
Dennis Ertel
Ultra Violence to Your Eyesight
July 2004
(29:4) 11–12 
Mary Ballard
Is Your Old Dust Mask the Respirator You
Thought It Was? 
March 2004
(29:2) 21–22
Dennis Ertel 
News from the National Library of
Medicine Website
November 2003 (28:6) 18–20
Health and Safety Committee
OSHA: A Dual Role in American Workplaces
September 2003 (28:5) 1, 5, 7–8
William Coulehan
A Practical Guide for Work with Bird
Droppings and Roosts
July 2003
(28:4) 17–20
David Hinkamp
A Summary of Two OSHA
Inspections in Museums
March 2003
(28:2) 19–20
Dennis Ertel 
Decontamination in Conservation
September 2002
(27:5) 1, 3–6 
Dennis Ertel
January 2002
Chris Stavroudis
Health and Safety News
November 2001
(26:6) 13
Health & Safety Committee

Solvents Considered at AIC Annual Meeting
in Dallas: "A Teas Refresher"; "Solvent
Solver Program"; and "Solvent Grade: Does it Matter?" 
September 2001
(26:5) 1, 3-7
John Burke, Mark Ormsby and David Erhardt

Mothballs Reconsidered
July 2001
(26:4) 21
Health & Safety Committee 
Health & Safety News: Ergonomics Standard
Published; Linonene Products Pollute
Indoor Air; and Safety Booklet
March 2001
26:2) 11
Regulations Change for Cobalt
Indicating Silica Gel
January 2001 (26:1) 14 
Lisa Golberg and
Steven Weintraub
Overuse Injuries in Museum Conservators
Sept 2000
(25:5) 1, 3-6
Michael McCann
Health and Safety News: Health and
 Safety Responsibilities for Employees, Interns, Volunteers, Apprentices, and Students
Jan 2000
(25:1) 14
Kathryn Makos 
Conserving Your Health and Safety:
Using Consistent Choices to Minimize Exposure 
Sept 1999
(24:5) 1, 18-19
Dr. Patricia Hamm 
Health and Safety News 
Jan 1999
(24:1) 12
Cathy Hawks
Health and Safety News: Internet Health
and Safety Resources
May 1998
(23:3) 8
Health and Safety News: Results of the
Health and Safety Committee Survey 
Mar 1998
(23:2) 6-9
Health and Safety News
Jan 1998
(23:1) 6-7
Hilary A. Kaplan 
Health and Safety News
May 1997
(22:3) 8
Hilary A. Kaplan
MSDSs: Reading Between the Lines for
the past decade...
March 1997
(22:2) 1-5
Monona Rossol 
Health and Safety News 
Jan 1997 (22:1) 8
Hilary A. Kaplan

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