Update from the Chair

AIC News Network Column, November 2018

ECPN on Higher Logic

I’m pleased to announce that ECPN’s Emerging Conservation Professionals Community is now live on our
community platform (Higher Logic). Anyone interested in connecting with the ECPN community and
engaging in dialogues relevant to emerging conservation professionals is encouraged to join! This
community is available to all, including non-AIC members, and only requires creating a login. Please visit
our Online Communities webpage for instructions on how to join.

We are excited about using this platform to serve as a place to discuss ideas, collaborate, and share resources!

Open Liaison Positions

While ECPN has filled many of our Regional Liaison positions for the 2018-19 term, there are still a few
vacancies. Please visit our ECPN Regional Liaisons webpage for an updated listing of liaison(s) serving
your area.

If you see a vacancy in your area, or see that your geographic region is not served by an ECPN Liaison,
please contact ECPN’s Outreach Officers at ecpn.aic.outreach@gmail.com for more information about

ECPN—CIPP Pilot Mentorship Program

ECPN and the Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) Specialty Group are piloting a mentorship program for emerging conservation professionals (ECPs) who have recently started a private practice. The program will pair a small group of ECPs with mentors who can provide guidance and support based on their own experience working in private practice.

Program goals:

  • Facilitate productive relationships between emerging conservation professionals and more
    established conservators in private practice
  • Provide a network for conservation professionals in private practice who may be more
    geographically isolated
  • Provide support to emerging conservation professionals entering into private practice

Blog Posts

The Follow-up blog post to ECPN’s spring 2018 webinar, “Lights, camera, (preventive) action! careers in
preventive conservation
,” is now available. Webinar participants Dr. Joelle D.J. Wickens, Jessica Pace, and Jamie Gleason generously took the time to answer questions that came up during the webinar. The post also lists a number of further resources related to preventive conservation.

As always, ECPN would like to hear from you about ideas for new programming or resources that would
benefit emerging conservation professionals! Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or

—Kari Rayner, ECPN Chair, ecpn.aic.chair@gmail.com

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