Update from the Chair

AIC News Network Column, July 2018

ECPN Web Presence

I’m thrilled to announce that ECPN’s newly re-designed subsite is now publicly available through the main AIC website, under the “Specialty Topics” drop-down menu. Tremendous thanks to former chair Rebecca Gridley, ECPN’s AIC Liaison Kate Lee, and Vice Chair Eve Mayberger, as well as to the 2017-18 and 2018-19 ECPN officers who weighed in on the site’s development. Many thanks also to all who contributed photographs.

The new subsite contains a great deal of information and consolidates links to all of ECPN’s resources and programming. Please check it out and let us know if you have any feedback at ecpn@conservation-us.org.

Online Community

As with other specialty groups and committees, an ECPN Officer community will be hosted through Higher Logic to facilitate leadership discussions. There will also be an ECPN Liaison community and an “open” ECPN community for anyone interested in connecting with the ECPN community and engaging with dialogues relevant to emerging conservation professionals. The latter community will be available to all, including non-AIC members, and will only require creating a login. We are hoping to launch the open ECPN community this month —please look for an announcement on how to join as the community becomes available!

Commemoration of ECPN’s 10-Year Anniversary

This year marks ECPN’s 10-year anniversary! To commemorate the occasion, we’d like to reflect on some important moments and celebrate the incredible work of ECPN officers, past and present.

First ECPN Officers, 2008

  • Co-Chairs: Laura Brill and Rachel Penniman
  • Professional Education & Training: Amber Kerr
  • Outreach: Jason Church
  • Communications: Katie Mullen


  • 2008 ECPN Founded
  • 2012 Liaison Program and Webinar Program established
  • First Webinar: “Self-Advocacy and Fundraising for Independent Research” featuring Debra Hess Norris
  • 2013 Webinar Coordinator position created
  • 2015 AIC Wiki page “Resources for Emerging Conservation Professionals” launched
  • 2017 Liaison Program restructured with four liaison groupings
  • 2018 New subsite launched


  • 328 posts on Conservators Converse, with 3 Interview series to date (Specialty, International Education, and Get to Know AIC/FAIC)
  • 12 Webinars to date
  • 4,804 Members (and counting) of the ECPN Facebook Group
  • 10 Specialty group liaisons, plus ADG for a total of 11 liaisons
  • 7 Committee & Network liaisons, plus MDWG for a total of 8 liaisons
  • 9 Graduate liaisons
  • 18 Regional liaisons
  • 2 Lead articles (one in collaboration with OSG)
  • 41 emerging conservation professionals served as ECPN officers
  • 28 events at Annual Meetings
  • 5 Posters at Annual Meetings

Thank you to all past and current ECPN Officers for your valuable work: Rachel Penniman, Laura Brill, Amber Kerr, Jason Church, Katie Mullen, Rose Daly, Caroline Roberts, Heather Brown, Amy Brost, Anisha Gupta, Megan Salazar-Walsh, Abby Aldrich, Eliza Spaulding, Molly Gleeson, Angela Curmi, Gwen Manthey, Kendall Trotter, Fran Ritchie, Saira Haqqi, Carrie McNeal, Michelle Sullivan, Ayesha Fuentes, Laura Neufeld, Anne Schaffer, Amy Hughes, Alexa Beller, Rebecca Gridley, Kimi Taira, Elyse Driscoll, Jessica Walthew, Alyssa Rina, Eve Mayberger, Kari Rayner, Emma Schmitt, Riley Cruttenden, Caitlin Richeson, Jen Munch, Kat Fanning, Quinn Ferris, Candace Kang, and Marci Jefcoat Burton.

It is an honor to continue the work of these dedicated colleagues in serving the ECPN community.

—Kari Rayner, ECPN Chair, ecpn.aic.chair@gmail.com

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