Emerging Conservation Professionals

Emerging conservation professional are those just entering or thinking about entering the field of conservation. If you are one, please see the resources below, which help you as you transition from pre-training student, to student, to conservation professional. Join the dialogue among conservation students, entry level conservators and experienced conservators, increase your involvement in AIC, find out more about conservation graduate programs, and learn more about the importance of professional standing within the field, specifically in regards to attaining Peer-Reviewed Designation.

  • Contact ECPN officers at ecpn@conservation-us.org for information. 
  • AIC members can indicate interest in this network by selecting ECPN under Interests in their personal profile.

How You Can Take Part

Read blog posts

Includes news, project reports, and internship/ fellowship/ volunteer opportunities.

Find us on Facebook
Network with emerging conservators using our social media site.

Upload your photos
Share photos of projects you are working on with the group and comment on others.

Feature guest presenters who speak about topics of interest to emerging conservators.

Do an Angel's Project
Use your conservation skills to help an institution in need while at AIC's Annual Meeting.

Get on our email list

AIC members can stay informed via email. Select us under "Interests" in your profile.

Become a Conservator
Learn what it takes to become a conservator.

Be a Liaison
Represent your graduate or apprenticeship program or other group

Attend Annual Meeting
Attend ECPN's events at AIC's annual meeting, which is held in different US cities each year.

Distribute our flier
Print out copies of our informational flier to have at conservation events in your area

Emerging Conservation Professional Network

These resources are developed by AIC's Emerging Conservation Professional Network.

The Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) is charged with working with the membership department to: create and maintain a forum and network for AIC members who are entering the field of conservation; assist AIC in enhancing ways to serve our members who are just entering the field of conservation and help members as they make the transition from student to conservation professional; enhance the dialogue among conservation students, entry level conservators and experienced conservators; increase the involvement of student and entry level conservators in AIC; enhance the dialogue between AIC and the conservation graduate programs; assist in fostering an appreciation of the importance of professional standing within the field; specifically promote attaining the status of Professional Associate and Fellow; promote the importance of service to the profession.

View the list of ECPN officers and leadership structure