Responsibilities of Book and Paper Group Executive Council Officers

The executive council of the Book and Paper Group consists of four positions: Chair, Program Chair, Assistant Program Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer, as well as a three-member Nominating Committee. The nominating committee is always taking suggestions for candidates for the ballot that will appear in the Spring. These are all two-year positions; the Assistant Program Chair assumes the Program Chair position in the second year. Descriptions of each position are found below.

There is a budget allocation for executive council members that can help defray expenses to attend meetings; please keep this in mind when considering whether to run for an office. It is the committee's hope that by posting the responsibilities of the positions more members will agree to run for office. We want to encourage participation at all levels! To nominate a BPG member for office, or for more information, please contact the current Nominating Committee.

The Guidelines of the BPG broadly define the duties and responsibilities of the elected and appointed officers of the organization. Specific details will probably vary from year to year. Following are general descriptions of the duties of the officers.


This is a two-year term.

  • Oversees and coordinates the activities of the BPG.
  • Plans agenda for and presides over the BPG business meeting at the AIC Annual Meeting.
  • Works closely with the Program and Assistant Program Chairs to help organize the annual BPG sessions.
  • Writes six BPG columns for AIC newsletter.
  • Appoints committee heads and the compiler of the Annual, when needed, with the approval of the BPG Executive Council.
  • Responds to requests from the AIC office for information from public and the press.
  • Sits on BPG committees (as member ex-officio) including Education and Programs Committee and Publications Committee. Requires attention to e-mail correspondence, and attendance at committee meetings (Publications Committee holds one in winter).
  • Sits on the Internal Advisory Board (IAG)) of AIC. Attends one meeting in Washington, usually in November. There are budgeted travel funds for this.
  • Attends the Specialty Group Officers meeting at the AIC annual conference.
  • Writes a summary of BPG activities for the Internal Advisory Committee, usually in October and March. Puts printed copy of reports in the AIC internal Advisory Group/BPG Reports folder in Archives.
  • Advises Secretary/Treasurer and Program Chair on budgetary decisions and assist with budget preparation.
  • Helps with content and communication for Fall and Spring BPG mailings.
  • Keeps all internal email lists and website up to date.
  • Writes thank you notes to all BPG speakers after the annual meeting (or coordinates with Program Chair).
  • Insures that Nominating Committee is on schedule with ballot.
  • Carries out other tasks or requests from the AIC or newsletter editor, i.e. write (or delegates writing of) feature article every couple of years.
  • Serves on the Nominating Committee for two years after serving as Chair.
  • Initiates special programs and special projects.
  • Maintains BPG archives.

Past Chair

  • As Ex-Officio, provides continuity by linking present Board to the previous Board. Answers questions for current Board about past activities and policy decisions.
  • Acts as member of the Nominating Committee for two years following term as President.
  • In the absence of the Chair, responds to urgent BPG business.

Program Chair

This is the second year of a two-year term (see entry below for Assistant Program Chair). Responsibilities include the following:

  • Responsible for organizing all the BPG events and activities at the AIC annual meeting.
  • Schedules facilities and audio visual equipment for all BPG sessions and the business meeting.
  • With the input of the BPG Education and Programs committee, reviews all abstracts and select talks for the BPG program.
  • Works with the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group (LCDGG) and Archives Conservator's Discussion Group (ACDG) to incorporate their programs into the BPG sessions.
  • Chairs the main BPG session, which includes introducing speakers, working with the audio-visual people within the facility, and timing talks.
  • Is a member of the Education and Programs Committee
  • Works with the Assistant Program Chair to accomplish all of the above tasks.
  • Writes thank you notes to speakers (or coordinates with BPG Chair)

Assistant Program Chair

This is a two-year term; the Assistant Program Chair moves into the Program Chair position in the second year.

  • Responsible for organizing the BPG reception at the AIC Annual Meeting.
  • Works within set budget to plan reception.
  • Advises Chair, Program Chair and Treasurer of costs and needs.
  • Assists the Program chair with organizing the BPG sessions, as needed.
  • Other duties as coordinated or delegated by the BPG Chair.


This is a two-year term.

  • Records all financial transactions of the Guild.
  • Reconciles quarterly statements from AIC office with BPG finances. Periodically checks to insure that expenditures are within budget parameters.
  • Presents the annual financial report at the BPG business meeting.
  • Prepares a proposed annual budget for the BPG in consultation with the BPG Executive Council, Discussion Groups and Committees. Submits budget to the AIC Financial Manager.
  • Acts as a liaison with the AIC Financial Manager regarding reimbursement and/or advance payment for BPG members.
  • Records the minutes of the BPG annual business meeting.
  • Coordinates and compiles materials for fall and spring mailings to be sent to BPG membership. All mailings are sent electronically unless no e-mail address is on file; then they are sent by postal mail. These mailings typically include business meeting minutes, election ballots and other information pertinent to the group. Asks Executive Council, Discussion Groups and Committees for input.
  • Provides BPG webmaster with electronic version of mailings for posting on BPG website.
  • Maintains Secretary/Treasurer's records both in hardcopy and electronic form.
  • Makes sure that records on the AIC annual checklist are sent to AIC.

Nominating Committee

(Two members elected by the membership and the immediate past President.)

  • Is responsible for putting together a slate of BPG members who are willing to be nominated for office.
  • Publishes one or more notices asking for nominations from the membership.
  • Meets in October or November to draft a list of member who will be asked to stand for election.
  • Provides potential candidates with written job descriptions.
  • Prepares the final slate of candidates, with brief biographies, and delivers to the Secretary/Treasurer by mid-January.
  • Informs all candidates of the election results; writes thank you letters to candidates who were not elected.
  • Refer to the Guidelines for the requirements necessary for selection of appropriate candidates.