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Guidelines for Authors

The Book and Paper Group Annual is a non-juried collection of papers pertaining to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, paper artifacts, books, and library and archival materials. The Annual compiles postprints (full text papers, summaries, or abstracts) of papers presented at the Book and Paper Group (BPG) specialty group sessions at the AIC annual meeting and independently submitted papers that are of interest to members of the BPG. Papers in the Annual may be of any length from a short technical tip to a full-length article.


The Annual is a non-juried publication. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submissions and the methods and materials they present.

Papers presented at the specialty group session of the annual meeting are selected by committee based on abstracts. After presentation authors have the opportunity to revise their papers before submitting them for publication in the Annual. There is no further selection review of these papers. The original abstracts distributed at the meeting are published if the authors do not submit either their full text or a revised abstract. Discussion Group moderators/chairs are asked to submit to the Annual a summary of the discussion they organize.

The BPG encourages authors of papers that have appeared in the Annual and that have scope of general interest to the conservation community to submit their articles to the peer-reviewed publication Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC).

Independent submissions are published at the discretion of the BPG Publications Committee. The Committee considers as selection criteria the scope, intelligibility, originality, significance, and gross factual accuracy of the submission but does not attempt detailed review. Authors who wish to submit an independent article are encouraged to contact the Managing Editor to indicate their intent to submit and solicit feedback from the Publications Committee. Final drafts of independent submissions are due on July 1.

Permissions (aka Author Licensing Agreement)

Authors submitting papers to the Annual are required to provide the BPG with written permission to print their submission and non-exclusive electronic rights to publish it online. It is the responsibility of authors to seek and obtain permission to publish from other rights holders (owners of objects described or illustrated, photographers, illustrators, or copyright holders other than the author) and to provide appropriate credits. Authors, not the BPG, are responsible for any payment of fees to such rights holders. Authors may note in the letter of permission restrictions on print or electronic publication required by the author or other rights holders, but the BPG retains the right to drop an image, text, or entire article from print and/or online publication if meeting or maintaining the specified restrictions proves impractical.


Authors, not the BPG or AIC, own the copyright on the material they publish in the Annual. Authors are free to publish their own material verbatim or in revised form elsewhere. Future publishers who wish to reproduce all or parts of material published in the Annual must seek permission from the authors, not from BPG or AIC. When reproducing figures in your text from a copyrighted source, you are responsible for clearing permission before submitting your paper.


Submit papers electronically through a file sharing site or as an email attachment in a common word-processing format such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, either Windows or Macintosh version.


For general editorial style refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please do not use your word processor’s automatic text-formatting features (i.e., for bulleted or numbered lists, endnotes, style sheets, etc.), simply key in the text and symbols.

There is also a JAIC style guide available at with many formatting examples including common reference citations. Scroll down the page and look for the link “JAIC style guide”. The guide is also available as a download-able pdf.

Please use the following guidelines when formatting your document:

  1. Full title and author at the beginning of the article.
  2. At the end of the article please list author’s name, title, affiliation, city, state and email address.
  3. Number headings(1) and sub-headings(1.1, 1.2) as a cue for the layout designer, the numbers will not appear in the final publication.
  4. Single space text, double-space before new paragraph.
  5. Use italics, not underlines, for emphasis.
  6. Format notes as endnotes at the end of your paper, BUT do not use the word-processing program’s automatic endnote formatting feature in the body of your text. Place a cue [e.g. (note 1)] in the body of the text and then type the text at the end of the paper, our layout designer will format the superscript later.
  7. Do not embed figures into your word-processing document. Like the notes, place a cue [e.g. (fig. 1)] in the body of the text where you would like the figure placed, and submit the figure as a separate file (300 dpi TIFF preferred) labeled with your name and a reference number (e.g. Smith_fig1).
  8. Include a list of figures and captions at the end of the paper.
  9. You are welcome to begin your paper with a short abstract (approximately 250 words) but do not re-submit your abstract from the abstract book for the Annual Meeting.

There is no page or word limit for papers submitted to the BPG Annual, however there is a limit of 25 figures (images, tables, charts) per article unless there is a prior arrangement with the Managing Editor. For tips, there is a limit of 1000 words and no more than 10 figures.

Images and Figures

Digital files for images and figures must be submitted separately from the text of your paper. The image resolution necessary for the print publication is 300 dpi at the column width of 2.5”, which is usually much higher than the average web or Power Point ready image. Screenshots and images taken from the web are rarely large enough to be usable. To determine whether an image will work, select the image and check its dimensions. They should be at least 750 by 1117 pixels. Images which are smaller than this can’t simply be enlarged to meet our specifications. All image files will be re-sized to column width for print publication and it is crucial that the image files are of sufficient size and resolution. TIFF images are ideal, JPEGs are acceptable. PDFs are also acceptable for charts and graphs. Do not submit PowerPoint files.

  • Name each digital file with the last name of the author and the appropriate reference number (e.g. “Smith01”)
  • Each image (photograph, table, chart, line art, etc.) must have a reference number within the text, (eg. “fig. 1”) so that our layout designer will know where to place the image when preparing the layout for the Annual.
  • Captions for each figure should be numbered and listed at the end of the paper. Captions for works of art should include artist, title, date, media or materials, dimensions (in metric), and credit (including museum number).
  • Captions for photographs captured under magnification or other special technology should specify the magnification and/or the technology (e.g., scanning electron microscope, UV light, etc.).
  • Provide appropriate credit to the photographer or illustrator, if other than the author, in the caption or in an acknowledgments/credits section at the end of the paper.

Figures are printed in black and white in the print version of the Annual but may be produced in color in the online version. Please ensure that photographs, charts, and graphs remain legible when the color is stripped away.