• News from the BPG Chair

    by Whitney Baker | Oct 17, 2017

    Why Join Memberfuse?

    If you haven’t done so already, please log into your account on MemberFuse, AIC’s online member community. You will receive emails with the header “AICHAW Notifications” toyour primary email address; the first time you visit Memberfuse, a pop-up will ask how often you’d like to receive messages. These messages are summaries of what other members are doing on the networking site.

    Using Memberfuse, you can network with colleagues, learn what specialty and discussion groups are up to, peruse business meeting minutes, and use the online calendar.

    BPG Vote

    The vote to accept the 2017 BPG Business Meeting Minutes was open until August 18. Results should be available in September.

    BPG and FAIC

    As always, please considering donating to the FAIC; any amount ($5 or even $1!) helps increase the percentage of AIC members who donate. It’s the percentage (not the dollar amount) that incentivizes large philanthropic foundations to give even more to support our programs – programs that support you, your professional development, your research, and that of your colleagues. When you contribute you can designate how your money will be used, such as for FAIC, NHR (formerly AIC-CERT), Angels Projects, CoOL, Christa Gaehde, Carolyn Horton, Professional Development, George Stout, or Take a Chance funds. Thanks to the 10% of members who already donate each year.

  • BPG Annual Meeting News

    by Whitney Baker | Oct 17, 2017

    2018 AIC Annual Meeting

    Program Chair Debra Cuoco and Assistant Program Jen Hunt Johnson are busy preparing for the 2018 Houston meeting. Please consider submitting an abstract by September 15, through AIC’s online submission portal. See the Call for Submissions Page for more information.

    In addition, we welcome two new discussion group co-chairs: Stephanie Gowler joins Dawn Mankowski as co-chair of the Archives Discussion Group, and Jessamy Gloor joins Angela Andres and Sonya Barron as co-chair of the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group.

  • BPG Education and Programs Committee News

    by Henry Hebert | Oct 17, 2017

    Do you have a workshop idea or institutional event ripe for a symposium? Please contact  Cher Schneider (cher.schneider at gmail dot com), BPG Education and Programs Committee Chair, with any thoughts or suggestions.