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BPG Chair Responsibilities

This is a two-year term.

  • Oversees and coordinates the activities of the BPG.
  • Plans agenda for and presides over the BPG business meeting at the AIC Annual Meeting.
  • Works closely with the Program and Assistant Program Chairs to help organize the annual BPG sessions.
  • Writes six BPG columns for AIC newsletter.
  • Appoints committee heads and the compiler of the Annual, when needed, with the approval of the BPG Executive Council.
  • Responds to requests from the AIC office for information from public and the press.
  • Sits on BPG committees (as member ex-officio) including Education and Programs Committee and Publications Committee. Requires attention to e-mail correspondence, and attendance at committee meetings (Publications Committee holds one in winter).
  • Sits on the Internal Advisory Board (IAG)) of AIC. Attends one meeting in Washington, usually in November. There are budgeted travel funds for this.
  • Attends the Specialty Group Officers meeting at the AIC annual conference.
  • Writes a summary of BPG activities for the Internal Advisory Committee, usually in October and March. Puts printed copy of reports in the AIC internal Advisory Group/BPG Reports folder in Archives.
  • Advises Secretary/Treasurer and Program Chair on budgetary decisions and assist with budget preparation.
  • Helps with content and communication for Fall and Spring BPG mailings.
  • Keeps all internal email lists and website up to date.
  • Writes thank you notes to all BPG speakers after the annual meeting (or coordinates with Program Chair).
  • Insures that Nominating Committee is on schedule with ballot.
  • Carries out other tasks or requests from the AIC or newsletter editor, i.e. write (or delegates writing of) feature article every couple of years.
  • Serves on the Nominating Committee for two years after serving as Chair.
  • Initiates special programs and special projects.
  • Maintains BPG archives.