Specialty Groups

Specialty groups are subgroups within AIC that focus on particular area of expertise or professional interest. AIC members have the option of joining any of these groups. All specialty groups publish bi-monthly columns in the AIC News, conduct sessions at the Annual Meeting, and send representatives to Internal Advisory Group meetings.

Join a Specialty Group
Any AIC member may join a specialty group for a small fee. Learn more on our Membership page.

Immovable properties such as buildings, monuments, and outdoor sculpture
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Paintings in oil, acrylic, or mixed media, etc...& their supports, coatings and varnishes
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Book & Paper
Paper materials including art on paper, books, manuscripts, & library material
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Photographic Materials
Media in film & composite objects like paper prints and albums
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Conservators in Private Practice
A forum for private practice conservation businesses
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Research and Technical Studies
A forum for advancing scientific research in conservation
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Electronic Media

Records and works that involve electronic equipment, technologies, and media
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Clothing, tapestries, embroidery, flags, quilts, archaeological fragments
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Archaeological and ethnographic objects, decorative arts, and sculpture
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Wooden Artifacts
Ethnographic carvings, furniture, upholstery, frames, and veneer/marquetry/boulle
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Specialty Topics

Archaeological Conservation
Archaeological conservation is the profession devoted to the preservation of objects, structures, and sites that constitute the archaeological record. The Archaeological Discussion Group (ADG) is a working group within AIC’s Objects Specialty Group and is open to all AIC members with an interest in archaeological conservation. Learn more

Collection Care
Collection care is one of the three pillars of collection management which, in addition to preservation, includes development (growth, enrichment, etc.) and use (display, research, etc.) of collections. Learn about AIC's Collection Care Network (CCN). Learn more

Health & Safety
The Health & Safety Committee provides educational and technical information to the AIC membership to increase knowledge of safety hazards and general health issues related to the conservation profession. Learn more

The Sustainability Committee provides resources for AIC members and other caretakers of cultural heritage regarding environmentally sustainable approaches to preventive care and other aspects of conservation practice. Learn more