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Postprints is an unjuried compilation of papers submitted by members and is published each year. Many of them include papers presented at the Annual Meeting in previous years. Postprints are distributed to members of the Textile Specialty Group. Papers presented in this publication have been edited for clarity and content but have not undergone a formal process of peer review. Additional copies are available for purchase in the Online Store. Read through the table of contents of each issue for more information. 

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Directory of Handstitches 
The purpose of this stitch directory is to provide a record of hand stitches in use by conservators today as well as their possible applications and a standardization of the terminology. The directory is meant as a reference for conservators and educators working in the field of textile conservation.The goals are to aid in hand stitch selection, to facilitate communication among colleagues and to clarify written documentation. 

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Textile Conservation Catalog 
The resource records current conservation treatments and practices for artistic and historic textiles. Each chapter compiles the variety of treatments and techniques currently used by textile conservators. Participating members have developed and commented extensively on the chapters. The Catalog is in the form of an outline. There are no detailed instructions for treatment, and the Catalog does not seek to establish definitive methods or standards. The Catalog is designed for trained textile conservators who are familiar with the vocabulary and processes included in the outlines. 

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Reading List. Compiled by Seta Wehbe, past TSG Secretary, Here is a list of books you might like to be given on your birthday. All you have to do is circle your favorite(s) and pass the list to your friends or librarian! We would like to include Textile Conservation titles every year. Please help us prepare next year’s selections—we would especially like to include titles in foreign languages that might not get press otherwise.
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