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Electronic Media Review

EMG is pleased to present the second volume of The Electronic Media Review, a biennial publication of the talks presented at the EMG session of the AIC Annual Meeting. This volume contains the post-prints from the 39th AIC Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2011, and the 40th AIC Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2012.

Volume One contains the post-prints from the 2009 EMG session in Los Angeles, California, and the 2010 session in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more about the sessions on the EMG website.

Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation

Jeffrey Warda (editor), Franziska Frey, Dawn Heller, Dan Kushel, Timothy Vitale, Gawain Weaver.
This book is a comprehensive guide to digital photographic equipment, software, and processing tailored to the needs of conservation professionals. The book was created by a special AIC task force charged with developing recommendations for conservators in the use of digital photographic equipment for conservation documentation, while also addressing concerns about long-term accessibility and preservation of electronic records.  It is an essential reference for the conservator’s library in the digital age.

Order online in the AIC store. 

Optical Media Pen

Did you know that many pens commonly used to label CDs, DVDs, and other optical disks may cause permanent damage, making the disk unreadable? The EMG Optical Media Pen is safe to use on CDs and DVDs. This marker has a felt tip and water-based ink. Other marking pens with fine points or rolling balls, as well as those with solvent-based inks, pose a danger to optical media because they may cause damage that interferes with a laser's ability to read recorded data.* 

Buy this pen in the AIC Store, or join AIC's Electronic Media Group to receive a free pen, a copy of Electronic Media Review, and access to the EMG listserv.

* Based on testing conducted by Media Sciences, Inc. of Marlborough, Mass., felt-tipped, water-based inks are safer to mark CDs and DVDs than roller-ball pens or solvent-based inks. 

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