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Guidelines for Special Issue Organizers

AIC special issues are a collection of papers with a central focus or topic, and are published approximately once per year. Their multiple perspectives on a single topic provide breadth and insight that cannot be obtained through a single paper.

Organizational requirements:

  • Select a topic and assure there is sufficient interest to generate a minimum of 12 submissions to the Journal. 

  • Contact the JAIC editor-in-chief to discuss topic and determine optimum scheduling.

  • Select authors for potential manuscripts. It is recommended that potential authors submit an abstract as well as an article outline to the organizers. This should provide the organizers with sufficient information to determine:

    • author commitment,

    • purpose of the manuscript,

    • manuscript content, and

    • writing skills of the author.

  • Once a set of authors is selected for the Special Issue submissions, it is the organizers' responsibility to do the following:

    • inform JAIC editor of expected number and timing of submissions.

    • inform authors of all expected deadlines and ensure they meet these deadlines.

    • provide authors with a written letter stating that solicitation of their paper for the special issue DOES NOT guarantee its acceptance in the Journal. Each paper will undergo the normal JAIC review process. Additionally, each paper must follow the JAIC Guidelines to Authors and the JAIC style guide. These instructions can be found online.

    • provide authors with any needed assistance in manuscript preparation. Some organizers prefer that all papers be delivered directly to them for pre-submission edits.

    • prepare an introduction to the Special Issue once it reaches the copyediting phase. The AIC office will provide copy of the accepted manuscripts for your referral.

Previous special issues have been:

  • Fill Materials, JAIC, Vol. 37(1); 
  • Artist’s Intent (special section), JAIC, Vol. 37(3); 
  • Albert Bierstadt and 19th c. American Art, JAIC, Vol. 38(1); 
  • Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery, JAIC, Vol. 39(1); 
  • Architecture issue dedicated to Morgan Phillips, JAIC, Vol. 42(1); 
  • Evaluation of Past Conservation Methods, JAIC, Vol. 42(2); 
  • Objects issue dedicated to Carolyn Rose, JAIC, Vol. 44(3);
  • Mountmaking, JAIC, Vol. 51(1).
  • From Can to Canvas (use of house paint in artworks), JAIC, Vol. 52(3/4).
  • Collection Care, JAIC, Vol. 56(2).

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