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Guidelines for Special Issue Authors

JAIC special issues are a collection of papers with a central focus or topic, and are published approximately once per year. Their multiple perspectives on a single topic provide breadth and insight that cannot be obtained through a single paper.

Author Requirements

  • Be aware that your selection for submitting an article to the Special issue DOES NOT mean that your paper will be accepted by JAIC. Any paper submitted to the Journal undergoes a stringent peer review process including Special Issue papers. If your paper does not meet the high standards of JAIC, it will not be accepted. Examples of papers that will not be accepted include presentation texts, prose, and essays.
  • Think carefully about your topic and organize the paper carefully.
  • You must prepare your paper as you would any scholarly journal submission. Follow the JAIC Guidelines to Authors and the JAIC Style Guide. These instructions can be found online atwww.conservation-us.org/jaic
  • Consult your session organizer or the JAIC editor-in-chief with any questions.
  • Submit all materials requested by organizers by their stated deadlines.


The creation of a special issue edition is multi-step process that involves hard work and commitment from many people. It requires one or more devoted organizers to initiate the process, select the authors, and track their progress to ensure the papers are submitted by a pre-selected deadline. The authors themselves spend many hours writing and rewriting their articles in preparation for submission. Once submitted, each paper is carefully examined by JAIC editors and reviewers. Like all other Journal submissions, every article in the special issue must meet the high standards of JAIC. 

There has been some misunderstanding in the past regarding content and paper selection for special issues, perhaps because the initial process involves invitations to specific authors for paper submissions. This process is similar to that used for selecting authors to write chapters for books or themed volumes. However, as the Journal is different from a book, this invitation process cannot, and should not, imply the paper will be accepted for publication in JAIC. In fact, the rate of acceptance for papers in special issues is about 50%, which is similar to that for regular submissions.

When any paper is submitted to the Journal, it will be examined and accepted or rejected on its own merit.  The content, structure, and uniqueness of the article will be considered. All papers must conform to the JAIC Guidelines to Authors and the JAIC Style Guide. While the strict peer review/editing process can be time-consuming, and even grueling, it assures both the authors and readers that all papers published in JAIC have passed through a critical evaluation by conservation professionals and were accepted as an important contribution to the permanent conservation literature.

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