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Guidelines for Book Reviewers

The purpose of the review is to give readers a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of a publication, and to acknowledge whatever contribution the publication makes to the field. The review should succinctly describe the contents of the publication being reviewed. The intended audience, as stated by the authors or as implied, should be identified, and the success with which the book deals with its subject for that audience should be evaluated. Reviewers are encouraged to critically assess the information found in the publication, as well as the method of presentation and point of view, as appropriate. If the publication makes a contribution, for example, of new information, or of compiling previously scattered information, or of publicly voicing for the first time a particular point of view, the contribution should be noted and its relative importance acknowledged.

Reviews of more than one publication on a particular subject are encouraged. Such reviews should provide the information noted above, and in addition may include the reviewer’s assessment of the relative successes of the publications in dealing with aspects of the general subject matter that they share.

Reviews may be of two general types: reviews of single publications and reviews of two or more publications.

Suggested maximum length for reviews of single publications is 1,000–2,000 words (approximately 4–8 typewritten pages). Review of multiple publications may be proportionately longer.

The review should begin with standard bibliographic information and availability, in the following order:

  1. Author
  2. Title of Book
  3. City: Publisher, 20XX
  4. xxx pages, hardcover, $xx
  5. AIC member price $xx (if applicable)
  6. Available from Name of Organization, address (if applicable)
  7. ISBN xxxx.

The review should end with the reviewer’s name and complete working or institutional address.

Reviews must be typed in a 12-point standard typeface with paragraphs double spaced and must include the reviewer’s name, address, and email at the end of the document.

Reviews will be edited by the Book Review Editor in consultation with the Editor, and sometimes with an Associate Editor in the appropriate specialty. No change in the substance of the text will be made without consulting the reviewer. The Editor of JAIC is the final authority in matters of content. Reviews will be copy edited to adhere to JAIC style. The reviewer will receive one pdf copy of their review upon publication.

Send the review to the Book Review Editor, Cybele Tom, at ctom@artic.edu.

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