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What does AIC publish?

 AIC publications include the award-winning Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC);
AIC News; and more. You will also find guides to publishing with AIC and special guides focusing on themes such as Disaster Response and Health & Safety.


JAIC cover - February 2013The quarterly Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC) is the primary vehicle for the publication of peer-reviewed technical studies, research papers, treatment case studies, and ethics and standards discussions relating to the broad field of conservation and preservation of historic and cultural works. Subscribers to JAIC include AIC members, both individuals and institutions, as well as major libraries and universities.

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JAIC Archives:

AIC News

AIC News is published six times per year. It provides the AIC membership with up-to-date news on national and international conservation issues, new materials and research, AIC and FAIC organization matters, specialty group activities, conferences, publications, and employment opportunities.

Find AIC News articles online, an archive of past issues, guidelines for publishing, and more information on conservation in the news. 

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AIC Directory

The AIC Directory is a primary source for conservators, museum and arts professionals, students, and others in contact with the conservation field. Consisting of over 200 pages of AIC members by name, specialty, and geographic region and listings of conservation guilds, training programs, international conservation organizations, and funding agencies, it also includes the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. Buy the 2013 Edition in our Store >>

AIC members have access to an online member directory, available 24/7 with continually updated information. They also belong to a social community where they can connect with other member, so join today if you aren't yet a member!


Special Projects

The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation
Jeffrey Warda (editor), Franziska Frey, Dawn Heller, Dan Kushel, Timothy Vitale, Gawain Weaver
   This book is a comprehensive new guide to photographic equipment, software, and proccessing tailored to the needs of conservation professionals. The book is the result of a special AIC task force charged with developing recommendations for conservators in the use of digital photograhic equipment for conservation documentation, while also addressing concerns about long-term accessibility and preservation of electronic records. It is an essential reference for the conservator’s library in this digital age. Major periodical on conservation. View more info >>

AIC Photo Documentation Targets (No longer available)

Designed by Dan Kushel, Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, and Luisa Casella *Produced by Robin Myers Imaging 
   The AIC PhD Targets provide an easy and efficient way to include photographic reference standards as well as image and artifact identification information. The design of the AIC PhD Targets has been carefully planned to minimize the space occupied by this important reference material in the image frame. Lightweight and of robust construction, each target has the following elements: six-step grey scale, color patches (CMYRGB), a lighting indicator associated with a photogrammetric indicator, a size scale, and an area for date and object identification information.   Targets are provided with instructional information and with online resources, which include a printing template for slip-in labels for the medium and small targets. 

Health and Safety for Museum Professionals
Edited by Catharine Hawks, Michael McCann, Kathryn Makos, Lisa Goldberg, David Hinkamp, Dennis Ertel, and Patricia Silence
   The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) have joined forces on the ultimate reference book for museum professionals. View more info >>

Specialty Group Publications

Our specialty groups produce a number of publications, including Annual Meeting postprints (in both print and electronic form), conservation catalogs, special books, and more.  View more info >>

Web Publications

Conservation Wiki
AIC and FAIC are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative wiki website, based on the specialty group Catalogs. The site, www.conservation-wiki.com, was made possible by a generous grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

Caring for Your Treasures Brochures
These downloadable brochures offer information on proper care and maintenance of your family heirlooms and works of art to ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy. 

Conservation Training in the United States
This document lists contact information for training programs in the field of conservation.

How to Choose a Conservator
Read about how to select a conservator before using our Find a Conservator feature to locate a professional near you.

Disaster Response & Recovery
Visit our Disaster Response & Recovery page for information on AIC's Collections Emergency Response Team (AIC-CERT) and other disaster response materials.

Health and Safety
Access an archive of guides and information compiled AIC's Health & Safety Committee.

ANAGPIC Student Papers
Learn more about ANAGPIC (the Association of North American Graduate Programs in the Conservation of Cultural Property) and read papers and posters presented at the annual student conference.