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List of Books Needed
The list is sorted alphabetically by author name. It has been posted as submitted and may not reflect reference styles used by AIC. 

*Books listed in red type have already been donated and are no longer needed. 

anon. 2000. Terra 2000: International Conference (8th) on the Study and Conservation of Earthen Architecture. Proceedings, Torquay, Devon, UK, May 2000 London: James & James

anon. 2001. Protective Shelters for Archaeological Sites in the Southwest USA: a Colloquium held at Tumacacori, Arizona, 9-12 January 2001. Special issue of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, Vol. 5, N. 1&2, ICCROM

anon. 2004. Reburial of Archaeological Sites: selected papers from the colloquium, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 17-21 March 2003. Special issue of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, Vol. 6, N. 3&4 ICCROM

Appelbaum, Barbara. 2007. Conservation Treatment Methodology. Butterworth-Heinemann

Appelbaum, Barbara. 1991. Guide to Environmental Protection of Collections. Madison, Connecticut: Sound View Press.

Ashurst, John 2006. Conservation of Ruins. Butterworth-Heinemann   

Ashurst, John and Nicola 1988. Practical Building Conservation, Vol. 1 Stone Masonry. Gower Technical Press, Aldershot 

Ashurst, John and Nicola 1988. Practical Building Conservation, Vol. 2 Brick, Terracotta and Earth. Gower Technical Press, Aldershot  

Ashurst, John and Nicola 1988. Practical Building Conservation, Vol. 3 Mortars, Plasters, Renders.Gower Technical Press, Aldershot

Ashurst, John and Nicola 1988. Practical Building Conservation, Vol. 4 Metals. Gower Technical Press, Aldershot  

Ashurst, John and Nicola 1998. Practical Building Conservation, Vol. 5 Wood Glass and Resins Gower Technical Press, Aldershot

Ashurst, Nicola 1994. Cleaning Historic Buildings: Substrates, Soiling and Investigation, Vols. 1 & 2. Donhead Publishing

Baer, Norbert S.  et al (Eds.) 1998. Conservation of Historic Brick Structures. Donhead Publishing       

Bankart, George 2002. The Art of the Plasterer. Donhead Publishing

Batt, C., B. Stern, S. M. M. Young 2007. Analytical Chemistry in Archaeology (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology Series) Cambridge University Press 

Beckman, P. and R. Bowles 2004. Structural Aspects of Building Conservation, Second Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann

Ben Abed, Aicha, Martha Demas, and Thomas Roby (eds.) 2008. Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of Mosaic Conservation. Getty Conservation Institute

Bregnhøi, Line, Helen Hughes, Jenni Lindbom, Tone Olstad, and Edwin Verweij (eds.) 2007. Paint Research in Building Conservation. London Archetype Books

Burns, John (ed.) 2003. Recording Historic Structures. Wiley

Buys, Susan and V. Oakley 1996. Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics. Butterworth-Heinemann

Camuffo, D. 1998. Microclimate for Cultural Heritage (Developments in Atmospheric Science) Elsevier

Caneva, Giulia, Maria Pia Nugari, and Ornella Salvadori 2009. Plant Biology for Cultural Heritage. Getty Conservation Institute

Canadian Conservation Institute.  2004. Framework for Preservation of Museum Collections.  Ottawa: Canadian Heritage.

Canadian Conservation Institute. Symposium 2003 - Preservation of Electronic Records: New Knowledge and Decision-making –Postprints. 2004. Ottowa: Canadian Conservation Institute.

Clapp, Anne F. 1987. Curatorial Care of Works of Art on Paper. New York: Nick Lyons Books.

Conservation Unit 1992. Science for Conservators, Vol. 1 An Introduction to Materials (Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management) Routledge, NY

Conservation Unit 1992. Science for Conservators, Vol. 2: Cleaning (Conservation Science Teaching Series) Routledge, NY

Conservation Unit 1992. Science for Conservators, Vol. 3 The Science for Conservators Series: Adhesives and Coatings (Conservation Science Teaching Series) Routledge, NY

Construction Specification Institute (CSI) 2004. Project Resource Manual (PRM) : The CSI Manual of Practice. McGraw-Hill Professional

Conti, Alessandro 2007. History of the Restoration and Conservation of Works of Art Butterworth Heinemann.

Cornerstone Staff 2006. Adobe Conservation. Sunstone Press

Craddock, Paul. 2008. Scientific Investigation Of Copies, Fakes And Forgeries.  London:

Crocci, Giorgio 1998. The Conservation and Structural Restoration of Architectural HeritageSouthampton: Computational Mechanics Pubs.

Cronyn, Jane. 1990. The Elements of Archaeological Conservation. NY: Routledge.

Cuttle, Christopher 2007. Light for Art's Sake: Lighting for Artworks and Museum Displays. Butterworth-Heinemann     

Davidson, Sandra 2003. Conservation and Restoration of Glass, Second Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann

de la Torre, Marta (ed.) 1998. The Conservation of Archaeological Sites in the Mediterranean Region: An International Conference Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute. Getty Trust Publications: Getty Conservation Institute

Dimes, J. and J. Ashurst 1998. Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone. Butterworth-Heineman

Dorrell, Peter 1995. Photography in Archaeology and Conservation. Cambridge University Press

Durbin, Lesley. 2005. Architectural Tiles: conservation and restoration. London: Butterworth

Eckell, Edwin 2000. Cements, Limes and Plasters: A facsimile of the third (1928) edition Donhead Publishing

Fawcett, Jane 1998. Historic Floors: Their History and Conservation. Butterworth-Heinemann

Feilden, B.M. 1987. Between Two Earthquakes. ICCROM Rome and Getty Trust Publications: Getty Conservation Institute 

Feilden, B.M. and J. Jokilehto 1998. Management Guidelines for World Cultural Heritage SitesICCROM, Rome

Feilden, Bernard 2003. Conservation of Historic Buildings, Third Edition. Architectural Press, Oxford

Fidler, John (ed.) Stone: Stone Building Materials, Construction and Associated Component Systems: Their Decay and Treatment (English Heritage Research Transactions) Earthscan Publications Ltd.

Florian, Mary-Lou. 1997. Heritage Eaters: Insects and Fungi in Heritage Collections. London: James and James.

Harris, C. M. 2005. Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. McGraw Hill 

Hatchfield, Pamela 2002. Pollutants in the Museum Environment - Practical Strategies for Problem Solving in Design, Exhibition and Storage. London: James&James

Heritage Preservation 2006. Field Guide to Emergency Response Heritage. Preservation Heritage Preservation, Washington DC  

Hoadley, R. Bruce. 2000. Understanding Wood. Newtown, Connecticut: The Taunton Press.

Hodges, Henry (ed.) 1986. In Situ Archaeological Conservation. Getty Trust Publications: Getty Conservation Institute 

Holmes, Stafford and Michael Wingate 2002. Building With Lime: A Practical Introduction. Practical Action

Horie, C. 1987. Materials for Conservation: Organic consolidants, adhesives and coatings. London: Butterworths.

Houben, H. and H. Guillaud 1994. Earth Construction: a Comprehensive Guide. ITDG Publishing

Howie, Frank. 1992. The Care and Conservation of Geological Material. London: Butterworth

Institute of Structural Engineers 2008. Appraisal of Existing Structures. Institute of Structural Engineers London

Jokilehto, Jukka 2002. History of Architectural Conservation. Butterworth Heinemann Oxford

Larsen, K and N. Marstein 2000. Conservation of Historic Timber Structures, An Ecological Approach.Butterworth-Heinemann

Keene, Suzanne 2002. Managing Conservation in Museums, Second Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann

Kite, Marion, and Roy Thomson. 2006. Conservation of Leather and related materials. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Koob, Stephen. 2006. Conservation and Care of Glass Objects. London: Archetype Publications.

Koestler, R., V. Koestler, A. Charole, F. Fernndez (eds.) 2004. Art, Biology, and Conservation: Biodeterioration of Works of Art. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kyle, Hedi. 1983. Library Materials Preservation Manual: Practical Methods for Preserving Book, Pamphlets and Other Printed Materials. Bronzeville, New York: Nicholas T. Smith.

Masari, G. and Masari I. 1994. Damp Buildings: Old and New. ICCROM Rome  [33E]

Masschelein-Kleiner, L. 1995. Ancient Binding Media, Varnishes and Adhesives. Rome: ICCROM.

McManus, Paulette 2008. Archaeological Displays and the Public: Museology and Interpretation. University College London Institute of Archaeology Publications

Michaelides, Demetrios (Ed.) 2003. Mosaics Make a Site: The Conservation in situ of Mosaics on Archaeological Sites. Proceedings of the VIth International Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics, Nicosia, Cyprus 1996 ICCM Rome [45E]

Millar, William 1998. Plastering Plain and Decorative. Donhead

Mills, John 1999. Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects, Second Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann

Moncrieff, Anne, and Graham Weaver. 1992. Science for Conservators, 3 volumes. London:

Mora, Paolo and Mora, Laura, 1984. The Conservation of Wall Paintings. Butterworth-Heinemann

Morton, W. B. G. Hume, K. Weeks, 1992. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation with Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings. GPO stock number: 024-005-01091-2

National Trust 2005. The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping: The Care of Collections in Historic Houses Open to the Public. Butterworth-Heinemann 2005

Naude, Virginia N. and Glenn Wharton, 1993. Guide to the Maintenance of Outdoor SculptureWashington, DC: American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Obed, J. 1991. Moving Historic Buildings, International Association of Structural Movers, P.O. Box 2637, Lexington, SC, 29071-2637

Odegard, Nancy 2005. Material Characterization Tests for Objects of Art, 2nd Edition. Archetype Books.

Ogden, Sherelyn, ed. Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual, 3rd edition. 1999. Andover, Massachisettes: NEDCC.

O’Keefe, Patrick. 1997. Trade in Antiquities: Reducing destruction and theft. Paris: UNESCO
Publishing. London: Archetype Publications.

Payton, Robert (ed.) 1992. Retrieval of Objects From Archaeological Sites. Archetype Publications

Pinniger, D. 2001. Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses. London: Archetype Publications

Rainer, L. and Angelyn Bass Rivera (eds.) 2006. Conservation of Decorated Surfaces on Earthen Architecture. Getty Conservation Institute 

Ramsey, C. and J. Hoke 2007. Architectural Graphic Standards, Eleventh Edition + CD Wiley

Raphael, T. 2000. Exhibit Conservation Guidelines. Incorporating Conservation into Exhibit Planning, Design and Fabrication. National Park Service, Division of Conservation – Harper’s Ferry Center. CD-ROM

Ridout, Brian 1999. Timber Decay in Buildings: The Conservation Approach to Treatment. Taylor & Francis 

Ritzenthaler, Mary Lynn, Gerald J. Munoff, and Margery S. Long. 1984. Archives and Manuscripts: Administration of Photographic Collections. SAA Basic Manual Series. Chicago: Society of American Archivists.
Ritzenthaler, Mary Lynn and Diane Vogt-O’Connon et al. 2006. Photographs: Archival Care and Management. Society of American Archivists. Chicago.

Rivers, Shayne and N. Umney.  Conservation of Furniture. Butterworth – Heinemann

Scott, David A. 2002. Copper and Bronze in Art: Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Trust.

Scott, David and Eggert, Gerhard. 2008. Iron and Steel: Corrosion, Colourants, Conservation.  London: Archetype Publications.

Sease, C. 1994. A Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologist, Third Edition Institute of Archaeology University of California.

Selwyn, Lyndsie 2004. Metals and Corrosion: A Handbook for the Conservation Professional. Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa Canada

Shepard, Anna. 1982. Ceramics for the Archaeologist. Washington DC: Carnegie Institution of

St. Clair, L. and Mark Seaward 2004. Biodeterioration of Stone Surfaces. Springer   

Stanley Price, Nicholas (ed.) 2000. Cultural Heritage in Postwar Recovery. ICCROM, Rome

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control strategies, and Preservation Management
. Ottawa: Canadian Conservation Institute.

Tétreault, J. 1999. Coatings for Display and Storage in Museums. Ottawa: Canadian Conservation Institute.

Teutonico, J. M. and F. Matero  2003. Managing Change: Sustainable Approaches to the Conservation of the Built Environment. Getty Trust Publications: Getty Conservation Institute

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Thomson, G. 1994.  The Museum Environment. London: Butterworth—Heinemann

Tímár-Balázsy, Ágnes, and Dinah Eastop. 1998. Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation.
Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Toman, Jiri 1996. The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. Ashgate Dartmouth

Torraca G.  2005. Porous Building Materials: Materials Science for Architectural Conservation. Rome: ICCROM

Torraca, G. 2005. Solubility and Solvents for Conservation Problems. Rome: ICCROM

Tubb, Kathryn. 1995. Antiquities Trade or Betrayed: legal, ethical and conservation issues. London: Archetype Publications.

Unger, A ., Schniewind, and Unger, W. 2001. Conservation of Wood Artifacts: A Handbook. Springer-Verlag New York

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Waite, John et al 1992. Metals in America's Historic Buildings: Uses and Preservation Treatments.GPO stock number: 024-005-01108-1

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Williams, Nigel. 2002.  Porcelain Repair and Restoration.  Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Wills, Barbara, ed. 2001. Leather Wet and Dry, current treatments in the conservation of waterlogged and desiccated archaeological leather. London: Archetype Publications.

Winkler, Erhard 2002. Stone in Architecture: Properties, Durability. Springer

Ward, Philip. 1986. The Nature of Conservation: A race against time. LA: Getty Conservation

Warren, John 1998. Conservation of Brick. Butterworth-Heinemann

Warren, John 1999. Conservation of Earth Structures. Butterworth-Heinemann

How You Can Help

Donate a Book
Please send a list of your potential book donations to Vicki Cassman (vcassman@udel.edu). If you have a book or would like to order a book, please send it to the address below.

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