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Collections Care for Institutions

AIC and its Foundation maintain several resources that give curators, registrars, collection managers, facility managers, archivists, architects, private collectors, and others access to collections care information from conservation professionals.
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Connecting to Collections Care (C2CC) 

The Connecting to Collections Care (C2CC) online community is an interactive resource that connects staff and volunteers at museums, archives, and libraries with each other and with solid information about collections care. The C2CC site contains the following resources:

  • Meeting Room– Access free webinars with leading conservation professionals
  • Discussion Forum– Hear from those who have been there before! Post your questions and assist other online community members with their collection care queries.
  • Archive – Past C2C Care Online Community discussions and presentations can be found here sorted by topic.

Emergency Prevention and Preparedness

Does your institution have an Emergency Preparedness Plan? Get access to resources designed to help you prepare for emergencies through FAIC's Heritage Emergency Programs. Here, you'll find:
  • dPlan - This online disaster planning tool is a great place to start when you're ready to build a plan for disaster prevention and response.
  • Emergency Response and Salvage Mobile App - Be ready with this free mobile app, based on the Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, that contains practical advice for the first 48 hours after disaster strikes.

Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program

Small- to mid-sized museums looking to improve collections care may be interested in exploring a general conservation assessment with the assistance of the CAP Program. CAP provides partial funding towards an assessment of eligible institutions' collections, buildings, and building systems. By giving the institution a prioritized set of recommendations to improve collections care, the program is often a first step for a museum looking to improve the preventative care of its collections.

STASH: Storage Techniques for Art, Science, and History Collections 

STASH is an online venue to explore solutions for storage and support of cultural property. The website contains the content from the 1992 book, Storage of Natural History Collections: Ideas and Practical Solutions, which is now supplemented and expanded by new articles. In addition to the articles the site also contains:

  • General information for each type of support or storage solution: (e.g. cabinets, drawers, trays, hangars, pallets, etc.) that gives an overview of important considerations and the ability to comment on the various solutions in that section of the site.
  • A “Materials, Supplies and Tools” chart that identifies products used in the articles by their material component, brand name, manufacturer and supplier.
  • A blog to announce new initiatives, tools, materials and items of interest that relate to storage and rehousing of collections.
  • The support pages include an online forum for interactive commentary where visitors can discuss their own comments, reviews, modifications or ask questions about various entries.

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