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Professional Development

FAIC workshops are a crucial source for continuing education for conservation professionals in the United States and abroad. Our courses have reached 6,920 people through 211 events over the past 10 years. Many of these are hands-on, lab-based experiences that are not offered anywhere else in the world.

Workshops have taken place in dozens of states as well as online. In all, nearly five million dollars in grants have been secured by FAIC to support professional development programs for conservators over the past 10 years. This is in addition to our successful grants for international exchanges, publications, disaster response, and other projects. Over the years we have awarded over 700 grants and scholarships totaling over $1.4 million.

However, it is important to note that many of these grants require matching funds, or do not pay the full salary and administrative costs of the programs. We rely heavily on donations from members such as you to give us the base funds we need to keep our programs active and sustainable. 

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Professional Development Program - Modern/Contemporary Print Identification

In the Fall of 2013 Denise Stockman, Assistant Paper Conservator at the New York Public Library, attended the FAIC Modern/Contemporary Print Identification workshop taught by Stephanie Lussier & Scott Homolka in Washington, D.C. We asked Denise to share her experience. We hope that you will be inspired to share the knowledge and expertise gained at professional meetings with others, so that the field as a whole can continue to learn and grow.

Interview with Denise Stockman, Assistant Paper Conservator at the New York Public Library
How did the workshop benefit you as a professional?
Keeping up-to-date on developments in artists' techniques enables me to meet an opportunities that arise in my career as a paper conservator. I encounter modern prints in my work and I want to be sure that I am making the appropriate treatment and housing decisions for them. In addition, I really enjoy the challenge of composing media descriptions in the cataloguing of fine art, and I want to excel at it.

Learn more about the workshop and Denise's experience by reading more here

Conservation of Transparent Papers Workshop

Taught by Hildegard Homburger, this two-day workshop offered an intensive and personalized introduction to the historic manufacturing processes for tracing papers and hands-on practice with mending of tears and losses, flattening, removal of tapes, dyeing of mending paper, and lining techniques.
Read blog posts from Iowa State University and the Smithsonian Archives.
Photo courtesy of Nora Lockshin.

"Following my participation in the FAIC course, “Conservation of Transparent Papers,” I am capable of making better-informed decisions regarding the conservation of these papers. Hildegard Homburger’s tips during the course were invaluable. These included the use of isinglass when mending and the use of dyes (rather than acrylics) when toning transparent paper inserts. I have already been able to share these newfound techniques with my colleagues at the National Archives."

Annie Wilker, a conservator at the National Archives said of the course:

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