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Heritage Preservation Programs Transitioned to FAIC

As of June 30, 2015, Heritage Preservation was dissolved by its board, and several of its popular programs and publications transitioned to the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC), thus ensuring their continuation.
FAIC is pleased to direct you to the programs you may have been searching for at HP's former website. 

Heritage Emergency National Task Force and Emergency Programs

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force, previously co-sponsored by FEMA and Heritage Preservation, is now co-sponsored by FEMA and the Smithsonian Institution. The Task Force will continue to provide federal-level support to the cultural community in disasters.

Many of the former HP emergency programs have been revamped or expanded upon since their move to FAIC. The Alliance for Response (AFR) and Getting Ready in Indian Country initiatives are very active, and the AFR has recently added new regional networks. The MayDay program continues to support annual emergency preparedness efforts in collecting institutions.The State Heritage Emergency Partnership (SHEP), launched in 2012, is working to maintain and enhance emergency responder relationships at the state level.

Heritage Health Information / Index (HHI)

In 2014, Heritage Preservation announced a follow-up to the 2004 Heritage Health Index. At the 10-year anniversary of that watershed report, Heritage Preservation partnered with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Endowment for the Humanities, together with support from several foundations, to conduct the 2014 Heritage Health Information (HHI) to assess the current state of cultural heritage collections in 2014 and the change in preservation practices in U.S. institutions since the initial study. Data from the 2014 survey is forthcoming, and the 2004 report can now be accessed on Conservation OnLine (CoOL).

Conservation Assessment Program (CAP)

FAIC's new Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) program will build upon the former CAP program (Conservation Assessment Program) that was funded by IMLS and administered by Heritage Preservation for 24 years, until Heritage Preservation ceased operations in 2015. The new program will continue to support collections assessments for small and medium-sized museums throughout the nation.

Connecting to Collections (C2C)

The Connecting to Collections Care (C2C Care) Online Community is an interactive resource that connects staff and volunteers at small museums, archives, and libraries with each other and with solid information about collections care. This online community was launched in 2010 as Connecting to Collections (C2C), a cooperative effort between the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) and Heritage Preservation with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The community was moderated by Heritage Preservation from 2011 to 2014. As of December 2014, C2C became Connecting to Collections Care and is now moderated and run by the Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC), with funding from IMLS and advice and content provided by AIC’s Collection Care Network, or CCN.

HP's Publications and Resources

Many of the books and emergency resources sold by Heritage Preservation are now available in the AIC store at store.conservation-us.org.  

HP's Awards

AIC/Heritage Preservation Ross Merrill Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections (Now presented solely by AIC) Recognizes an organization that has been exemplary in the importance and priority it has given to conservation concerns and in the sustained commitment it has shown to the preservation and care of cultural property.

CAA-Heritage Preservation Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation (Now presented by CAA and AIC) Recognizes an outstanding contribution by one or more persons who have enhanced the understanding of art through the application of knowledge and experience in conservation, art history, and art.

Heritage Defender Award Presented to individuals whose nationally significant contributions to preserving cultural heritage are extraordinary. It is not an annual award, but one that is presented only when merited. It has been presented four times in thirteen years. Past award recipients will be listed online shortly.

Discontinued Programs

The Save Outdoor Sculpture and Rescue Public Murals programs have been discontinued. More information about Rescue Public Murals may be found here

About Heritage Preservation 

The Heritage Preservation website is being archived and will be hosted on Conservation OnLine (CoOL) in a static format. FAIC will be posting information about HP's history, staff, and more.