Our Initiatives

National Heritage Responders (NHR) 

Save a collection! Help deploy our specially trained teams following a disaster, purchase supplies to re-house salvaged collections, and provide additional training to team members.

What moment stands out for you from your emergency response work?
"I may not have a very specific moment that I can isolate and tell the story. But I must say that I was amazed by the effectiveness of the team work and people's willingness to volunteer and their sincere generosity to help the artists. I was greatly surprised by the receptiveness of those who were affected by the storm. I felt very proud to be part of this team." - Viviana Dominguez, NHR member

NHR, the SWAT Team for ART

"We could not have "dug out" without AIC-CERT [NHR].  The volunteer conservators braved our flooded storage area with our staff, working side by side for hours, identifying, sorting, and providing conservation advice for our severely affected collection of sets, props, costumes, and paper archives---the oldest dance archive in the country.  Their yeoman's work, and insight on conservation processes helped us get through the immediate crisis created by Hurricane Sandy.  We are grateful for the work they did with us here and for the individual artists that were similarly affected in our building."

Janet Eilber, Artistic Director
Martha Graham Dance Company


Support NHR

We invite you to support this important resource for America’s collections. Although team members volunteer their time, FAIC must pay for their travel, lodging, meals, and supplies, as well as the overall management of the program. Please click here to make your contribution.