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I am a Museum Studies professor at New York University - a new career that continues my habit of changing professions about every seven years. Over my career I shifted from being an archaeological conservator to objects conservator in private practice to specializing in public art, contemporary art, and finally time-based media at MoMA. I am not sure what this says about my own stability, but all these changes meant that I had to access new information fast about every seven years. 

CoOL has been there through all of these transitions. In the early days I would always check the DistList email blasts (and still do). I could also search prior postings through its database. Since the FAIC took over, it has become so much more. With grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Samuel H. Kress Foundation, and the Getty Foundation, FAIC managed a broad research and planning project on “Charting the Digital Landscape of the Conservation Profession” that will help to inform the future direction of online resources in the field. One of the things that came out of that report is just how much we all continue to rely on Conservation OnLine. CoOL is a great place to learn about new conservation organizations, projects, and publications and is a searchable database for finding colleagues around the world. 

I encourage my colleagues to make use of all the digital tools that CoOL has to offer, and to contribute financially to FAIC’s very cool efforts. 

Glenn Wharton

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About Conservation Online (CoOL)

CoOL is a full text library of conservation information covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the preservation and conservation of library, archive, and museum collections. This online resource also houses the Conservation DistList, an e-newsletter reaching over 10,000 international conservators and allied professionals from 94 countries. Since its formal transfer from Stanford University Libraries to FAIC in June 2009, FAIC has been opening dialogs and disseminating surveys to assess its current use and viability and its potential to serve the field in the future through expanded content and enhanced accessibility.