Why Give?

Have you ever read or posted to the DistList, searched CoOL, participated in an FAIC conference or workshop, referred to a salary survey, received a scholarship from FAIC, or reviewed a conservation science tutorial on our website? If so, you have benefitted from the work of the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation.

AIC and FAIC are symbiotic and inherently intertwined organizations, but they are separate. While AIC’s mission is to serve its members, FAIC provides educational initiatives, online resources, grants and scholarships, and ongoing support of many programs that advance the conservation profession nationally and internationally. 

As an FAIC donor, you will support these essential and highly valued professional resources. Each initiative that FAIC undertakes is made possible with the assistance of generous AIC members and gifts from specialty groups, but no funds from general membership dues are used for any FAIC programs.

In 2015, of the roughly 2,900 Student, Post-graduate, Associate, Professional Associate, and Fellow members of AIC, only about 8.5% or 305 members made a gift of any size (from $1 to $2,500). Higher participation will demonstrate the value of FAIC’s initiatives to AIC members, and enhances our position in requesting funding from foundations for our work.

If you value the resources and services provided by FAIC, please consider making a gift, of any size, to strengthen the organization that works in tandem with AIC for you and for your profession.

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