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We want to express a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who contributed recently to FAIC in support of the Conservation DistList and in honor of Walter Henry's retirement as moderator. In just one hour, nearly $1,000 was raised, and in a little over a month, contributions have grown to total more than $9,900. The response has been overwhelming, with donations coming in from all over the world. Your gift will continue to support the valuable service that Walter created more than 29 years ago.

"What a powerful source of shared information; what a marvelous way for someone new to the profession to 'meet' and learn from more seasoned professionals. I have learned so much through the vehicle of the ConsDistList that the campaign for $29 seems way too small; one hundred times would still be too small to recognize the contribution that Walter and the ConsDistList have made as part of my professional informational resources." 
-Jeanne Drewes, Chief and Program Manager at Library of Congress and FAIC Board Member

If you have not yet contributed to this fantastic resource, please consider making a donation. Help the ConsDistList grow into a powerful resource with your meaningful gift.

Celebrating 29 Memorable Years of the ConsDistList

The Conservation DistList, will be experiencing a brief disruption in service a  few weeks in August as long-term moderator Walter Henry retires from his role. He will continue to manage the CoOL digital archive. 

We want to thank Walter for his 29 years of incredible work as a moderator, growing this popular service - a backbone of communication between conservators - to reach more than 12,884 subscribers today! Since its inception in 1987, the ConsDistList has expanded to reach more than 101 countries, with the US having the highest number of subscribers, followed closely by the UK and Canada. According to Walter Henry, when the list sent out its first messages, "there were no museum or archive-oriented lists about conservation on the internet."  Click here for more on the history of the ConsDistList.

Pam Hatchfield presents Walter Henry with a memento of his Honorary Membership in 2014. 

FAIC remembers the apprehension many of you felt back in 2007, when the ConsDistList was last on distribution hiatus as management of the service switched to the Foundation of the American Institute of Conservation (FAIC). In fact, the ConsDistList was not distributed for nearly two months.

Don't worry!

The ConsDistList will be up and running in a few weeks, and FAIC is committed to keeping it sustainable for many years to come.

In honor of Walter's 29 years of service, we ask you to contribute just $29 to help support the Conservation DistList. The Conservation DistList costs about $30,000 annually to operate, and relies on donations to keep it going. If just over 1,000 others - only 8% of list subscribers - made this small contribution, we could fund the ConsDistList for the ENTIRE year. Help us to reach this goal!

Donate to FAIC

Clicking on the "Donate" button takes you directly to the FAIC donation page.  Under "Specific Initiatives," select "Conservation DistList."  To donate $29, click "Other" and type in the amount.

Please take a moment to remember how valuable this resource has been to you over the years.  Perhaps there was a job opportunity you learned about on the ConsDistList, or a particular tip or conservation technique you discovered only on the ConsDistListDon't forget about the professionals you shared research with, or the workshop that you learned about. The information available on the ConsDistList made these things happen. You know what if feels like to have this satisfying email every 7-10 days in your inbox. With your donation, you help guarantee that the ConsDistList messages continue to arrive when you need them most.

You can also send a note to Walter Henry thanking him for providing this amazing service.  Please email your thanks to us at and we will pass them along. 

Note: List subscribers can send their job postings, conference announcements, and educational opportunities to AIC at to distribute on its blog and through social media. AIC members can post queries about conservation materials, tips, and research to the member forums (Memberfuse) at