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Support the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) in preserving the artifacts of humanity’s creative spirit and supporting the caretakers of our cultural heritage.  Your investment in FAIC's people, programs, and resources will help improve conservation in the US and around the world.

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Why Give?

Have you ever read or posted to the DistList, searched CoOL, participated in an FAIC workshop, or reviewed a conservation science tutorial on our website? If so, you have benefitted from the work of the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation.

As an FAIC donor, you will support these essential and highly valued professional resources. Each initiative that FAIC undertakes is made possible with the assistance of generous AIC members and gifts from specialty groups, but no funds from general membership dues are used for any FAIC programs.

Help FAIC programs remain strong for the future, by offering your support of by growing your individual contribution.  In 2015, of the roughly 2,900 Student, Post-graduate, Associate, Professional Associate, and Fellow members of AIC, only about 8.5% of membership made a gift of any size (from $1 to $2,500).  Each year, FAIC must raise more than $245,000 to keep our programs going and to supplement our existing resources.

How can I make a donation?

Write a check and send it to:

Attn:  Eryl P. Wentworth
Executive Director
1156 15th Street NW
Ste. #320
Washington, DC  20005

Use a Credit/Debit card and Give to Specific Initiatives

If you wish to restrict the use of your donation to a specific initiative, please indicate this on your check  or in the online donation form.  You may also donate online to specific initiatives by clicking on the links below:

"It is extremely important to experience the re-charge and inspiration that comes from attending a workshop and having a chance to interact with colleagues and delve deeply into a conservation-related subject."

- Denise Stockman, participant in FAIC's Modern/Contemporary Print Identification workshop

If you value the resources and services provided by FAIC, please consider making a gift, of any size, to strengthen the organization that works in tandem with AIC to support conservation efforts and the preservation of cultural heritage. Donations to our general fund do more to support the breadth of all of our programs, including the ones that you care about the most.

Planned Giving

Including FAIC in your estate planning is a great way to have lasting impact on our work and leave behind a legacy of support for the conservation profession. You can name FAIC as the beneficiary of planned gifts such as bequests, retirement funds, and insurance policies, and of life income gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts. Some planned gifts allow you to enjoy tax and income benefits during your lifetimes while making a significant commitment to the Foundation.

For more information about planned giving and how you can include FAIC in your estate, please contact:

Melissa Ezelle
Development Associate

Donations to FAIC are tax-deductible. The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (TAX ID # 23-7424418).


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