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What is the difference between AIC & FAIC?

Where do my AIC dues go?

AIC membership dues provide funds for:

A National Voice

Armed with a variety of outreach material, AIC has a dedicated team of staff and volunteers working on your behalf. Partnering with allied professional organizations on the national, state, and local levels, AIC promotes public understanding of all aspects of the conservation profession and its role in preserving our cultural heritage.

Print and Online Publications

AIC produces 6 issues of AIC News, 4 issues of the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, the Online Directory, the AIC wiki, the AIC website, and books such as the recent Ethics and Critical Thinking in Conservation.

Professional Development Opportunities

 AIC supplements the FAIC Professional Development Program by: 
  • Organizing the AIC Annual Meeting and related programming.
  • Offering members discounted registration rates at the Annual Meeting. 
  • Offering members access to FAIC scholarships and grant funds obtained by FAIC.
  • AIC Specialty Groups (SGs) also provide professional development opportunities through SG programs and publications.

Useful Tools for Your Business

 AIC offers member benefits, such as:
  • Find a Conservator (If you are a professional associate or fellow member)
  • Access to Liability Insurance
  • Access to Group Health Insurance
AIC dues are not used to fund any FAIC initiatives, with only one exception.  Each AIC Specialty Group individually approves donations in support of Stout scholarships, Professional Development programming, and CoOL.  But critical support of FAIC is also provided every year by many individual AIC members, who share their expertise through leadership roles in FAIC initiatives.