Our Structure


Committees, either named in the Bylaws or appointed by the board, are comprised of AIC members and deal with or research long-term, ongoing organizational issues. They each have a leadership structure and report back to the AIC Board through a board liaison.


These four standing committees are named in the AIC Bylaws:


These ten committees have been appointed by the board to carry out a specific charge.

Committees Resources

The Health & Safety Committee provides information to keep conservators safe on the job. They maintain web content on the AIC website as well as an active section on Health & Safety under the Work Practices area of the AIC Wiki.

The Sustainability Committee provides resources for keeping a sustainable conservation practice. They also maintain web content on this website and keep an active section on Sustainable Practice under the Work Practices area of the AIC Wiki.

The Emergency Committee promotes awareness and increases knowledge of the AIC membership in the areas of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for cultural heritage. They host content on the AIC website in addition to an active section of Emergency Preparedness & Response under the Preventive Care area of the AIC Wiki.