Core Documents

Commentaries to the Guidelines for Practice

Commentary 4e - Advertising

  1. Rationale
    • The marketing of conservation services (e.g., print and electronic media advertising, public presentations) is an essential link between professional service providers and the variety of clients who have responsibility for the preservation of cultural property. Truthful and well-conceived marketing tools promote not only the individual or corporate practitioner, but the profession as a whole. The use of membership in AIC as a professional credential is encouraged as a way to distinguish professional practitioners, but limited to those in the Professional Associate and Fellow membership categories, because these members have demonstrated appropriate educational preparation and experience, and have agreed in writing to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.
  2. Minimum Accepted Practice
    • Advertising and other marketing tools must not include any false, exaggerated or misleading claims regarding education, credentials, work experience, and must not raise false expectations regarding services.
  3. Recommended Practice
    • Advertising may serve as both a marketing tool for the individual and an outreach tool for the profession. In giving public presentations, care should be exercised to avoid undue self-promotion.


Approved by the AIC Board October 1998.