Who we are

Incorporated in 1972 as an American offshoot of an international group of conservators, AIC has grown to more than 3,500 conservators, educators, scientists, students, archivists, art historians, collection care professionals, and institutions in more than forty countries around the world, all of whom have the same goal: to preserve the material evidence of our past so we can learn from it today and appreciate it in the future.

Mission Statement

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) is the national membership organization supporting conservation professionals in preserving cultural heritage by establishing and upholding professional standards, promoting research and publications, providing educational opportunities, and fostering the exchange of knowledge among conservators, allied professionals, and the public.

Vision Statement

AIC envisions a world in which the preservation of cultural material is appreciated and supported, thereby encouraging knowledge and understanding of our cultural heritage.

Core Values

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

AIC promotes the preservation of cultural heritage as a means toward a deeper understanding of our shared humanity—the need to express ourselves through creative achievement in the arts, literature, architecture, and technology. We honor the history and integrity of achievements in the humanities and science through the preservation of cultural materials for future generations.


AIC is the voice for cultural materials preservation.  We advocate for public policy founded on the enduring evidence of human imagination, creativity, and achievement.


AIC supports the provision of conservation services by professionally qualified individuals who adhere to a code of ethics and guidelines for practice.

Education and Lifelong Learning

AIC promotes the attainment of expert knowledge of materials and technologies and mastery of conservation techniques. We promote the understanding of the values and contexts of our cultural heritage and stress informed decision-making in conservation. We are dedicated to service in the field, research, sharing knowledge with others, and continued education.

Member Services

AIC welcomes any individual, organization, or institution to become a member. We encourage education and networking for professionals, allied professionals, and individuals interested in supporting conservation. We provide and develop services that are responsive to the professional needs of our members.

Equity and Inclusion

AIC is committed to the premise that the preservation of cultural heritage is inseparable from our belief that the creative achievements and histories of all peoples must be acknowledged and honored. Through our support of all conservation and heritage professionals, we actively strive to create an inclusive and equitable environment in which all members of our community are valued and respected.


AIC embraces sustained, strategic management of our organization, reflecting our responsibilities to our membership, allied professions, partners, the public, and our cultural heritage preservation agenda.