Volunteer Leadership Guides


Thank you for volunteering for a leadership position within AIC! Your organization is more vibrant, valuable, and relevant due to your efforts, and to those who have volunteered before you. Leadership in AIC is important not just to your specialty group or committee, but can help you move ahead in your career. You will learn the nuts and bolts of a member organization, and will enhance your ability to work with a team. 

Each specialty group, network, committee, and task force/working group has a different cycle for new chairs and members. AIC staff members will strive to welcome you and ensure everyone learns about their new role, but please contact us with any questions or to pass along new ideas! We can be reached at membership@conservation-us.org or individually at www.conservation-us.org/contact.

Volunteer Guidelines

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  • Network Officers
  • Committee Members
  • Task Force/Working Group Members

Useful Forms and Documents