Outreach and Advocacy

There are many tools you can use to promote the field of conservation. From a powerpoint presentation you can customize to a list of resources you can use to talk to school age kids about conservation. Help people learn how to take care of their personal heritage by showing them the Caring for Your Treasures series. Take part in an Angels Project or get involved with our advocacy efforts. There are many ways to promote the field of conservation.

 Social Networks

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Marketing and Outreach Materials

AIC has created several print materials that are available for download and purchase, which conservators and allied professionals can print and distribute to help increase knowledge and awareness of the field of conservation.

Conservation PowerPoint Presentation

AIC offers a variety of resources to help enable conservators to act as ambassadors for the field. Our newest tool is a PowerPoint presentation offering a general overview of conservation.

The PowerPoint presentation can be customized by the presenter for most audiences: adults, students, younger children, etc. There is a general script accompanying the slides, but presenters are free to add additional detail as needed.

This resource is available to members only; you will need to log into the site to access the download page. To learn more and download the presentation, click here.

Caring for Your Treasures Brochures

AIC has prepared a series of informational documents entitled "Caring for Your Treasures." These are guides for general cleaning, storage, display, handling, and protection of cultural objects of various materials prepared by conservators. They are viewable as web pages and also for download. To learn more about these documents, visit Caring for Your Treasures.


Promote the brochures by passing out this bookmark to your colleagues, family, friends and the general public. Purchase them in our Online Store.

About Conservation Brochure

AIC has also created a general information brochure about conservation. This brochure is high-resolution and can be printed at home, work, or a local print shop. It is in printer-ready format with registration marks and bleeds if a larger print run is desired. To download the brochure, click on the link below.

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Public Relations Toolkit Wiki

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide tangible resources for AIC members to use when speaking about and promoting conservation. These tools will offer information about direct communication with the public and the press, using both traditional and social media outlets. It is anticipated that these resources will assist AIC members working in institutions of all sizes and scope as well as those working in private practice to advocate for conservation and to raise awareness of our field.

To contribute, go to www.conservation-wiki.com.

Angels Project

Each year, as part of the Annual Meeting, AIC works with local conservators to develop Angels Projects. The primary goal of the Angels Projects is to promote a broader understanding of the importance of cultural preservation while providing meaningful assistance to important local collections. Learn more about recent and future Angels Projects >>

Advocate for Conservation

Our past is under attack. Hundreds of millions of artifacts and historic structures are in need of conservation. Yet in these tough economic times, federal, state, and local budgets for collecting and cultural institutions maybe facing cuts. We need to make sure our elected officials understand the long-term value of protecting our cultural heritage. Future generations should not be deprived of knowing and understanding their history, because priceless artifacts were allowed to fall into disrepair. In today’s tough times, advocacy is more important than ever. AIC continues to partner with organizations such as the American Association of Museums and National Humanities Alliance to advocate for funding and recognition for conservation and preservation in the U.S. However, we cannot do it without you.

For more information on what you can do to stand up for conservation, visit www.conservation-us.org/advocate.

 K-12 Education Outreach

Here is information that can assist conservators or educators in presenting the field of conservation to a K-12 audience. Areas of efforts include maintaining a centralized list of conservators willing to participate in educational projects such as visiting schools, giving lab tours, or offering workshops or classes in their local area, assembling web resources that discuss conservation, chemistry or art history and would be useful in lesson plans and providing a place for sharing resources developed by AIC members that can be used for educational outreach.

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Outreach Committee of AIC's Objects Specialty Group

The goal of the Outreach Committee of AIC's Objects Specialty Group is to promote projects that reach across disciplines and promote conservation to a wider audience. Learn more about their efforts >>

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You can use shortcuts to link to pages of AIC's website, www.conservation-us.org. This makes it a little easier to share content on our site. Give it a try in your next publication, list serve posting, or email.

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Outreach Report

Read a report on AIC's outreach and advocacy efforts from Executive Director Eryl P. Wentworth.