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Why am I being asked to log in twice? AIC operates several platforms. While many of them may look the same, they are often separate sites that have their own login credentials.

AIC Login 

Your AIC login will work for the following:

  • Making a donation
  • Downloading e-publications
  • Registering for an event
  • Accessing your leadership positions pages
  • Using the Online Community
  • Accessing the member directory
  • Renewing your membership
  • Using OpenWater to:
    • Apply for scholarships and grants
    • Proposing annual meeting programming
      • Call for Papers
      • Workshop Proposals
  • Applying for Professional Designation
  • Accessing publication online archive (JAIC and AIC News)
  • Managing your profile
    • Updating your contact info
    • Changing your mailing address
    • Editing your Find a Conservator Listing

Other Logins

You will need to have or create a separate login for the following:

  • Publishing on Conservators Converse (Blog)
  • Participating in online courses
  • Submitting a paper for the journal
  • Managing your listserve subscriptions
  • Purchasing print publications (Linemark Site)
  • Using Sched
  • Editing the wiki
Contact AIC staff for assistance at 202-452-9545 or