Fellow Election: Application

Please note: it is now possible to apply for Fellow online. If you meet all the qualifications, please click ont the link to the right. You can start the application and save your information at your discretion before finalizing and submitting it for review. See the application for more details.

Nomination Form Components

  1. Contact Information: Applicants will have this pre-filled in from their AIC profile. Applicants should verify the information listed.
  2. Professional Background:  Applicants will need to download and then upload a template where you list your formal education, other related training and education, and professional experience).
  3. Examples of Work: Applicants must submit at least 4 examples of their work which shows evidence of sustained high-quality professional skills and ethical behavior that adheres to the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. Evidence may include: recent examination forms; proposed and completed treatment forms; reports of scientific investigations; lecture materials; planning documents; survey reports, etc.
  4. Research and Scholarship: Applicants must sumbit an example of their work that demonstrates that they have participated in an exchange of ideas regarding methods, materials and philosophy of conservation through publications, presentations at annual meetings and personal contacts with colleagues.
  5. Essay: Applicants must include an essay on why becoming a fellow of AIC is meaningful to you.
  6. Sponsors: Applicants must be sponsored by five (5) members with Fellow status who are personally acquainted with and knowledgeable about their work. This knowledge may come from personal work experience, collaboration on committees, portfolio review, and/or review of the completed Fellow application.

Nomination Deadlines: January 1, July 1, and October 1.