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University Products Award (1995-2010)

The University Products Award, for which University Products provided $5,000 to each honoree, recognized distinguished achievement in the conservation of cultural property.  We thank University Products and acknowledge those who were honored.

Ann Russell: 2010
William Shank:2010
Debra Hess Norris: 2008
Constance McCabe: 2007
Richard Wolbers: 2006
Chris Stavroudis: 2005
F. Christopher Tahk: 2004
Joyce Hill Stoner: 2003
Hugh Phibbs: 2002
Inge-Lise Eckmann: 2001
Robert Feller: 2000
Walter Henry: 1999
Tom Chase: 1998
Carolyn Rose*: 1997
Marilyn Weidner: 1996
Arthur Beale: 1995