Paintings Specialty Group Award

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For outstanding contributions to the field of paintings conservation.

The candidate must be a member of PSG. Outstanding service can be in any number of
categories including mentoring preprogram or graduate interns and fellows, teaching either in a
formal academic setting or more informally through workshops and lectures, paintings related
research or publications, service to the paintings specialty group, public outreach and advocacy,
or any other category that serves the paintings conservation profession. The award will be given
every two years and will include an award and a one-year membership to AIC and PSG.

How to Nominate:


  1. Fill out the attached nomination form, including a letter listing the qualifications of the nominee and addressing the criteria noted above.
  2. Send a copy of these instructions to each of the two sponsors you have listed.
  3. Collect the sponsors' letters of recommendation and email with the completed nomination form to AIC at

Please write a letter of recommendation addressing the above criteria and forward the letter to
the proposer.

Please return the completed nomination form and sponsor letters by December 15 of the year in which an award is given, which is every other year:

Past Recipients

Chris Stavroudis: 2013
Joyce Hill Stoner: 2011
Richard Wolbers: 2009

About the Paintings Specialty Group

The Paintings Specialty Group (PSG) was formed in 1980. The purpose of the Paintings Specialty Group is to improve knowledge of all subjects relating to the conservation of paintings, to promote proficiency and skill in the practice of paintings conservation, and to disseminate related technical and professional information. The group currently has more than 700 members from the United States and 17 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. View more info >>

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