Sheldon and Caroline Keck Award

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Deadline: December 15th

This award recognizes a sustained record of excellence in the education and training of conservation professionals.

Candidate should have a readily accepted mentoring role, providing advice,
consultation, and motivation to beginners, nonacademic trainees with high craft
skills, practitioners who wish to broaden their skills, or conservation students at
all levels. Candidate must be an AIC Fellow or Professional Associate.

Following are the specific criteria to be addressed in the nomination form and
letters of support:

  1. The introduction of pre-program applicants into a private, regional, or museum conservation laboratory to explain the basics of conservation procedures, approaches, and ethics in any specialty, including conservation science.
  2. The organization and supervision of internship and apprenticeship training in any specialty.
  3. The instruction of students at a college or university in pre-program preparatory conservation program, a master’s level program, or a doctoral program.
  4. The organization and teaching of courses and workshops.

2018 Recipients of the Sheldon and Caroline Keck Award:

Frank Matero
Professor of Architecture
University of Pennsylvania Architectural Conservation Laboratory

Consuela "Chela" Metzger
Head Conservation Center
UCLA Libraries

Norman Weiss
Integrated Conservation Resources, Inc

Awards presented by President Margaret Holben Ellis on May 31, 2018, at AIC's 46th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

Past Recipients:

2018: Frank Matero, Consuela "Chela" Metzger, Norman Weiss
2017: Gary Albright, Judith Levinson, James Hamm
2016: Dr. Mary F. Striegel and Dr. Robert Waller
2015: Sylvia Rodgers Albro; Renée Stein
2014: Vicki Cassman; Stephen Koob
2013: Marian Kaminitz; Jonathan Thornton
2012: Cathleen Baker; Cleo Mullins
2011: Thomas M. Edmondson; Nancy Heugh
2010: Betsy Palmer Eldridge; Bruno Pouliot
2009: Nancy Odegaard; Ellen Pearlstein; Thornton Rockwell
2008: Craigen Bowen (P); Terry Drayman-Weisser
2007: James Bernstein; Debra Evans; John Krill; Martin Radecki
2006: Catharine Hawks; Nora Kennedy
2005: Irene Brückle; Martin Weaver (P)
2004: Debra Hess Norris
2003: Margaret Holben Ellis
2001: Molly Ann Faries; Virginia Greene
2000: Christa Gaehde; José Orraca
1999: Roy Perkinson
1998: Bernard Rabin; Sidney Williston
1997: F. Christopher Tahk
1996: Bettina Jessell; Mary Wood Lee
1995: Elisabeth Cornu
1994: Dan Kushel; Perry C. Huston

About the Kecks

Sheldon and Caroline Keck met on a course on the now famous "Methods and Processes in the Fine Arts," also known as the "egg and plaster" course, taught by Edward Waldo Forbes and George Stout. They married in 1933. Sheldon Waugh Keck (1910-1993) graduated from Harvard in 1932, majoring in art history and became an apprentice at the Fogg Art Museum. Caroline K. Keck (1908-2007) studied at Vassar and Harvard, and began a doctorate in Berlin in the early 1930s, returning to the US when the Nazis came to power. In 1934, Sheldon Keck was appointed the first conservator at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, and together he and Caroline worked from a laboratory in State Street, Brooklyn, where they became involved in the training of conservators. In 1954, the Kecks arranged the exhibition “Take Care” at the Brooklyn Museum, which emphasized current techniques for the examination and treatment of paintings. The exhibition featured their film, A Future for the Past, which was a pioneer use of moving images within a museum gallery setting. Mrs. Keck was especially proud of the EPC “Exposition of Painting Conservation” at the Brooklyn Museum October 22-26, 1962, which she called “a dream for many years.” In 1969, the Kecks, under the auspices of UNESCO, established the Latin American Center for Conservation of Cultural property in Mexico City. In addition, they were instrumental in founding the first master's level course in art conservation at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, in 1960, and to inaugurate and run the Cooperstown Graduate Program from 1969. In 1987,  they established a fund for the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) through the sale of  a Georgia O’Keeffe painting in their personal collection. Its earnings continue to support day-to-day FAIC activities as well as the Individual Professional Development Scholarships that are awarded yearly.


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