National Heritage Responders

Is an emergency (such as a natural or man-made disaster) affecting your institution? Call our response team 24/7 at

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Need help from a conservator? Call 202-452-9545 or use our Find a Conservator tool.

Honorary Membership


Honorary Members are elected by the Board of Directors in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the field of conservation.

How to Nominate

Write a letter and email to us, outlining why you think the nominee deserves this award. Nominations must be received by December 15, and should be sent to

Past Recipients:

2016: Dr. Eric Pourchot and Dr. H.F. (Gus) Shurvell
2015: Gloria Fraser Giffords; 
   Catherine Metzger
2014: Walter Henry
2013: Jean Portell          
2012: Kathryn A. Makos         
2011: Perry Huston
2010: Mary Wood Lee 
2009: Ross Merrill
  Virginia Greene
   Jose Orraca* 
2008: Arthur Beale
   Robert Brill
2007: Roy Perkinson
  Susanne Sack
2006: Marjorie Cohen
  Konstanze Bachmann
2005: Mary Todd Glaser          
  Don Etherington
2004: Jacqueline Olin
2003: Nobuko Kajitani
  Marigene Butler
2002: Donald Sebera
  Monona Rossol
2001: W. Thomas Chase
2000: Heather Lechtman
1999: Kathryn Scott*
1989: Marilyn Kemp Weidner
1997: Nathan Stolow*
  Ellen McCrady*
1996: Mary-Lou E. Florian
1993: Walter McCrone*
1992: Bernard Rabin*
  Elisabeth FitzHugh
  Paul N. Banks*
1991: Gustav Berger*
1990: Paul N. Perrot
1988: Walter T. Angst*
1987: Lawrence Majewski*
  Anne F. Clapp*
1985: Louis Pomerantz*
1982: Carolyn Horton*
   Robert Feller
1977: Elisabeth Packard*
  Richard D. Buck*
1976: Sheldon Keck*
  Caroline K. Keck*
1975: George Stout*
1974: Rutherford J. Gettens*


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