Publication Award

Deadline: December 15th

For excellence in an article or book on conservation

More than one award can be given each year. Multiple authors will be considered and inter-disciplinary publications encouraged. Authors do not have to be members of the AIC and may be allied professionals. Nominations may come from any AIC member. To submit a nomination, please write a letter in support of the author and publication, which should be emailed to


  1. Must not be a JAIC article
  2. Must have been published during the preceding two years, because books disseminate and are recognized as significant more slowly than Journal articles.
  3. May be a publication published in an electronic format.
  4. May be a book or article on any topic related to the broad field of conservation and preservation of historic and artistic works (research and technical studies, treatment case studies, education, policy, philosophy and ethics, history, etc.) that demonstrates a significant contribution to the profession.

Past Winners

2016: Arlen Heginbotham and Jodie Lee Utter

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