Rutherford John Gettens Award

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Deadline: December 15

This award recognizes outstanding service to AIC.

Outstanding service to AIC may include activities such as the following:

  1. Service on the board, committees, task forces, and working groups
  2. Service on the editorial board of AIC publications
  3. Service in Specialty group activities (i.e. officer, editor of publications,
  4. program chair)
  5. Service in public outreach activities and education of allied professionals
  6. Fundraising for AIC programs
  7. Promoting the importance of conservation and the work of AIC to national, regional, and local leaders in government, business, media, public, and private foundations

2018 Recipients of the Gettens Award:

Rachael Perkins Arenstein
AM Art Conservation LLC

Past Recipients:

2018: Rachael Perkins Arenstein
2016: Richard L. Kerschner
2015: Sarah Fisher; Catharine Hawks
2011: Shannon Zachary
2010: Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte
2009: Maria Grandinette, Nancy Schrock, and Paul Whitmore
2008: Walter Henry and Helen Mar Parkin
2007: Jay Krueger
2006: Jerry Podany and Rebecca Rushfield
2004: Catherine Sease
2003: Chandra L. Reedy
2001: Margaret Loew Craft and Amparo Torres
2000: Mary Todd Glaser
1999: Martin Burke
1998: Debra Hess Norris and Sara Wolf
1997: Margaret Holben Ellis
1996: Paul Himmelstein and Virginia Naudé
1994: Lambertus van Zelst
1993: Sarah Z. Rosenberg
1992: Eleanor McMillan and Carolyn Rose
1991: Barbara Appelbaum, Murray Lebwohl, and Joyce Hill Stoner
1990: Marjorie B. Cohn, Elisabeth FitzHugh, Susanne P. Sack, and Marilyn Weidner
1989: Terry Drayman-Weisser

About Rutherford John Gettens (1900-1974)

gettensRutherford John Gettens (1900-1974) was born at Mooers, New York. He recieved his science degree from Middlebury College in 1923. He became the chemist of the Department of Technical Studies at the Fogg Art Museum in 1928, and was awarded his Master of Arts degreee from Harvard in 1929. Together with George Stout, co-authored Paintings Materials: A Short Encyclopedia, published in 1942 and still highly regarded and cited in the field. In 1974, Mr. Gettens, urged AIC to begin collecting its history, which resulted in the FAIC Oral History Project. The first interview was a roundtable discussion held on September 4, 1975 at the AIC Annual Meeting in Mexico City . Now officially in the Winterthur Library under the Winterthur archivist, the collection includes over 200 interview transcripts. Interviewers include graduates and students from all American conservation programs, and many international conservators.


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