The American Institute for Conservation envisions a world in which the preservation of cultural property is appreciated and supported by all. Encouraging knowledge and understanding of our cultural heritage is a goal made possible only with the support of dedicated members like you.

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Members Benefits

We provide you with the tools you need as you follow your career path. Establish a deeper connection with your interests, profession, and community of colleagues with the latest scholarly articles, timely job announcements, enriching professional development, and daily networking opportunities.

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We encourage you to serve as a leader or  contribute your knowledge and experience through our many public outlets. Volunteering helps not only us but also you as you move ahead in the field.

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Awards & Honors

We recognize both individuals and institutions for their efforts in preserving cultural heritage and offer a variety of awards to members and other supporting professionals for outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field of conservation.

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Professional Designation

We offer members with at least two years of training and three years of experience in the field the ability to apply for professional designation. Benefits include listing in Find a Conservator, leadership opportunities, and certain voting privileges - all for the same dues price.

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Specialty Groups

We have several subgroups within the organization that focus on a particular specialty. Groups publish bi-monthly columns in our newsletter, conduct sessions at our annual meeting, and send representatives to our annual internal leadership meeting. Members can join any of these groups for an additional fee.

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We also have networks that partner with other groups in the organization to develop programming and resources that are made widely available and of interest to all members, across specialties, allied professionals, and the public. Members can join any of these networks for either an additional fee or for free.

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