Lecture Grants


FAIC provides funds toward the presentation of public lectures to help advance public awareness of conservation. Up to $500 may be used to help defray lecturer travel costs, honoraria, site fees, and publicity costs. These awards are not intended to be used for lectures associated with the AIC annual meeting.  All publicity and news releases must recognize FAIC’s financial support.


Applications must be submitted to the FAIC office no later than February 15 or September 15 of each year.  Applications will be reviewed and recommendations submitted to the FAIC Board for final approval. Awards will be announced six weeks after each deadline. Projects should take place six weeks to twelve months after the application deadline.

Electronic submissions are required.  Combine the application form and all supporting materials into a single electronic document (or into as few files as feasible) in PDF (portable document format) format.  Name the file(s) to include your last name ("smith.doc") or organization ("smithmuseum.rtf"). Send the file(s) as an e-mail attachment to faicgrants@conservation-us.org. You should receive an e-mail receipt within 72 hours.

The Lecture Coordinator is responsible for identifying and coordinating with the lecturer, identifying a site, handling all logistical details, submitting application forms; and sending a final report to the FAIC office.

Please attach the following items to each copy of the application form:
  • Letter of commitment from speaker (can be copy of e-mail)
  • Letter of commitment from site (can be copy of e-mail)
  • Letter of commitment from lecture coordinator (can be copy of e-mail)
  • Résumé of speaker
  • Brief information about sponsor (brochure or one-page description of organization and previous activities)

Criteria for Review

  • Ability of the project to advance public awareness of conservation
  • Number of people reached, other projected outcomes
  • Speaker’s ability to communicate the proposed topic
  • Feasibility of project (reasonableness of budget, organization’s ability to publicize, etc.)

Final Report

A final report is to be submitted to the FAIC office within 60 days following the event.  Final report forms are available from the FAIC Website or office.

Links to Forms

Guidelines (PDF)
Application (PDF)
Final Report (PDF)

If you experience any difficulties please contact:
Sarah Saetren, FAIC Education Associate
(202) 661-8071