We are all vulnerable to emergency situations: serious events that demand our immediate attention. Likewise, we are all vulnerable to disasters: emergencies that have become so large, they overwhelms the capacity to effectively respond with resources on hand. 

Collecting institutions have special considerations when it comes to dealing with emergencies and disasters. The impact of such a scenario has potential to severely damage and destroy unique items within a collection. Stewards of collections should learn how to effectively manage emergencies and disasters. Explore the resources on this page to learn about how best to protect our cultural heritage in the face of the unexpected. 

Four Aspects of Emergency Planning

Preparedness Response Recovery Mitigation
To help prevent as much damage as possible before disaster strikes, institutions should prepare.
Preparedness Resources

In case of an emergency, you should know how to respond swiftly and appropriately to work with first responders and emergency managers.
Response Resources

Both short term and long term recovery will benefit from having a thoughtful plan in place.
Recovery Resources

Learn from previous events in order to develop strategies for mitigating future damage.
Mitigation Resources

Our Organizations and Emergencies

AIC and Emergencies

AIC's Emergency Committee aims to promote awareness and increase knowledge of the AIC membership in the areas of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for cultural heritage by:
  • contributing to the production of articles (published or web-based), brochures, and handouts which provide pertinent educational and technical information
  • organizing and developing lectures and workshops that provide for a foundation of understanding and the skill sets/tools needed for this type of work 
  • supporting the function and role of the National Heritage Responders 
  • working with other AIC Committees and Specialty Groups to most completely and accurately disseminate information
  • partnering with other collection-based institutions or organizations to develop broad-reaching educational training tools
Explore the Emergency Committee's Wiki Page: Emergency Preparedness & Response for more info
FAIC and Emergencies

FAIC manages several emergency initiatives that support efforts in all phases of dealing with emergencies.

  • MayDay Campaign - an annual campaign to encourage collecting institutions to undertake emergency planning activities in the month of May
  • Alliance for Response - a national initiative to encourage connections between local cultural institutions and their emergency professionals
  • National Heritage Responders - a team of over 100 trained professionals who provide assistance to institutions impacted by disasters
  • Risk Evaluation and Planning Program - a toolkit and workshop program that provides step-by-step instructions for conducting a risk assessment 
  • Getting Ready in Indian Country - a resource specifically developed for American Indian cultural resources
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